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Speaking French: Mayor’s Update – Sluice Gate, Central Delay, Bike, Green, New Suzanna

Here is the next edition of Speaking French, the Mayor's Update.

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City Council Updates from Mayor Douglas French

Steady Progress on Flood Mitigation
The City continues to make great progress on flood mitigation measures. At the time this is written, the Council is expected to award the bid for construction of the sluice gate at the Bowman Avenue Dam. All necessary regulatory requirements with surrounding municipalities and agencies have been completed and the City received 12 proposals for the project. The sluice gate project will help regulate water flow downstream and will cost approximately $970,000 through funding from City, State and County money. In addition to this project, the Council is also expected to approve site testing of the upper pond that sits behind the Bowman Dam. The objective of this flood control project is to study the re-sizing of the Bowman Avenue Dam reservoir in order to retain more water upstream and hold it longer during storm events. The site assessment and analysis is estimated to cost $112,000.

More Delays with the Central Ave Bridge
Next month it will be five years since the City lost the Central Avenue Bridge that connects two of the major roads in our City. The project for replacement has been fully funded and the final plan is still pending NY State Department of Transportation approval. While we all understand project planning and approvals take time, this delay has been excessive with little insight as to when the City will get approval to bid the project out. This week the City received another 20 questions from the DOT to respond to before we can move forward for bidding. A few months ago, Westchester Mayors met with state officials. The number two priority behind mandate reform was the need to expedite regulatory and planning approval on local projects. Your local officials have again made the case to state officials – Rye residents should do the same and let NY State know how you feel.

Shared Roadway Initiatives
Two of the projects cited in the City's pedestrian safety plan from 2007 are moving forward in various stages of planning and implementation. Forest Avenue is a regular thorough fare for walkers, bikers, drivers, and repaving and re-striping is scheduled for this summer to include lane markings such as sharrows to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety. This project, which is being funded by the YMCA's generous grant of $20,000, would advance the recommendations from the City's Shared Roadways Committee. The project does not include any removal of existing structures in the right-of-way, nor does it include any widening of Forest Avenue. In addition, on March 27th the County held a public hearing to hear and consider comments from members of the public regarding planned improvements to develop a pedestrian and bicycle route from the Rye Metro-North train station to Rye Playland Park along existing roadways and sidewalks, and widen an existing pathway along Playland Parkway. Approximately 2.65 miles of pathway will be a combination of sidewalk paths, on-road shared lanes, and shared off-road pedestrian and bike paths within the City of Rye.

Sustainability Committee Initiatives
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Audit, Earth Day Celebration and a potential Bio-diesel Initiative are three initiatives the Council heard from the environmental Sustainability Committee. The Greenhouse emissions audit looked at municipal inputs on actual electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, gasoline and diesel usage as well as community inputs of actual electricity and natural gas usage and solid waste figures, and estimated fuel oil, kerosene, wood, gasoline and diesel usage. The audit provides a benchmark for long term sustainability goals and a framework for the Sustainability Plan. In celebration of Earth Day, the City will sponsor a "No Idling Day" on April 23rd and create awareness for the implementation of the no plastic bag ordinance beginning May 7th. The Bio-diesel initiative is an opportunity to obtain ultra low sulfur diesel for use in Rye's municipal diesel fleet and an opportunity to promote a community-wide recycling campaign.

Appointment Process for City Council Vacancy
There will be a vacancy on the Rye City Council this summer with the announcement that Suzanna Keith and her family will be moving to Houston, Tx. Based on our charter, the Council will fill the vacancy for the balance of the year with a separate election to be held in November of 2012 to complete the term which expires December of 2013. The Council will make the appointment at our June 13th meeting. Anyone interested should contact me or members of the Council.

April 2, 2012

  1. Mr. French doesn’t mention one of the elephant’s still in the room. Zero surprise.

    How Municipal Whistleblowers Can Get Treated –

    Vincent Toomey, who is supposedly working “free” for the Rye City Ethics Board on the Dapolite whistleblower matter, has some fresh history with whistleblower cases. In this one below a former Mayor and Village Trustee felt compelled last year to return to elected office in the Village of Southampton (which he didn’t want to) so as to be able to assure the community that the truth would survive the “process.”

    Everyone who cares about the truth in Rye today should take a read here. Especially since Rye’s own Mr. Dapolite has now found an attorney in John Carey, former Rye City Mayor and Council Member.

    Hattrick Seeking Answers on Broich Firing
    “…one of the primary reasons he is seeking to become a trustee again is so he can be in a position to demand answers regarding the events that led up to Broich’s 2007 dismissal from the police department. “I don’t even want to run for trustee,” Hattrick admitted. “I’ll be 76 in July. I’d rather play golf.”He said he believes that Broich was fired in retaliation for whistleblowing on village and police officials. He compiled a list of “whistles,” including allegations of ticket fixing, inappropriate gifts, filing false information, running a security firm without a license and a superior officer doing work for a side business while on duty. “He undoubtedly is the biggest whistleblower the Hamptions has or ever will see,” Hattrick said. “No one has ever done what he’s done — turn on his superiors.””


    “Two weeks before addressing Andrew Dapolite’s scolding seven page complaint of alleged unethical behavior by city officials, Board of Ethics member John Alfano confronted the whistleblower, telling him that he suffered from “a lack of maturity” and questioning his choice to file an ethical complaint against the city manager in the first place.” Read more at LausDeo10580 below –



    “City Manager to Blow Off Ethics Meeting; Levitsky a No-Show Too

    They have no power to compel people to come before them and tell the truth. They have no power administer oaths or take testimony. They have no power to determine fact from fiction. The Ethics Board simply has no power–and the city manager knows it.”

    Read all about it here –


  4. TedC,
    You are surely a wealth of information but I am still unable to get past this one!
    It appears to be that the Rye Ethics committee is just whitewashing Rye’s dirty laundry once again. Do you think that the City Council will ever conduct a much needed investigation of the facts, not only about French but also about Pickup?

    It looks like Joe Sack

    and Mr. Pisconere understand it.

    I wonder why the others don’t get it?


    “Amid a flurry of emails requesting stenographers, cross examination of principals and warnings of due process by Former Mayor John Carey, LD10580 has learned that the city–through labor relations attorney Vince Toomey–has notified Camp Dapolite that today’s scheduled meeting of the Ethics Board may be postponed.”
    Read more here –



    “Faces Ethics Board in Executive Session Without Counsel; But Armed With a Mountain of Evidence

    Scott Pickup, the city manager accused of concealing the recording of a public meeting from elected city officials – did not show.

    Nicole Levitsky, the Rye TV Public Access Coordinator accused of lying to the public, asking Mr. Dapolite to lie and tampering with a public record–a class D felony punishable by up to seven years in state prison–did not show.

    Vince Toomey, the city’s high-powered labor relations attorney who was filmed running upstairs to the accused city manager’s office immediately following the last Ethics Board meeting – wasn’t anywhere to be seen.”

    Read more here –



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