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A Zahm-pinion: School Board Vote

Today MyRye.com presents an opinion piece by Rye resident Bob Zahm

2012 Rye City School District – Board Elections – An Endorsement

Laura Slack and Nancy Pasquale are clearly ahead of “the pack” in terms of fit and readiness for service on the Rye City School District’s Board of Education.  At the League of Women Voter’s debate, both showed that they have “done their homework” having worked through the proposed budget line-by-line.  This was reflected in their being the only candidates to recognize that the proposed budget has a 1.75% tax rate increase and not the 2.61% in the current budget.

As President of the Board, Laura has mastered the District’s issues – fiscal, curriculum, staff, and facilities.  She also carries invaluable experience for the next round of teacher contract negotiations.
Nancy’s appearance at virtually all Board meetings for the past 3 years, her involvement in the Curriculum Council, and history of PTO leadership provides her with the knowledge needed to “hit the ground running” as a new Trustee.  Additionally, she has shown that she can make the time needed to fulfill the duties of Board membership.

I’ll be voting to retain Laura and elect Nancy.


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