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Stampleman Reports on 76 Bus Saga

Rye resident Arthur H. Stampleman sent a bad news report on Rye's 76 Bus (now called 13 Bus – maybe because it is unlucky):

The Department of Transportation (DOT) in Albany approved the  application from Liberty Lines Transit for their route addition to Liberty’s bus line #13. The bus route goes from Port Chester Railroad Station to Playland and covers part of the route of the former Bus 76. Robert A. Rybak, Acting Chief Administrative Law Judge issued his decision May 3rd.

Judge Rybak’s decision acknowledges the number of protests he viewed from the County Legislature and the public, and that there “certainly will be an inconvenience” for the public because parts of Route 76 will not be restored. However, he ruled that Liberty is in compliance with all DoT regulations and “meets the statutory fitness requirements” of the law.  He indicated he does not have the authority to mandate the restoration of parts of the 76 route which were dropped. He added, “There is no question that restoring a portion of the Route 76 service is a far better option than providing no Route 76 service at all.”

With this [letter], I would like to encourage the Mayor and Members of the Rye City Council to consider what action they might now take in this regard to achieve restoration of service to Milton Point and areas south of Playland Parkway, and to let us know their plans.

-Arthur H. Stampleman


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