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Another Hazing with Rye Students, This Time a Hospitalization

Well, it is not new.

Each year there seems to be the same sick, bizarre hazing incident when 11th graders (soon to be seniors) pick on – and "paddle" – 8th graders. AKA bullying.

Newsday reported "As many as 15 Rye teenagers were assaulted with paddles — and some were hospitalized — as part of a hazing ritual by Rye High School juniors Friday, parents of the victims said Saturday. The victims, eighth-graders who will enter Rye High School as freshmen in September, were rounded up by high school juniors driving at least two cars, a witness and parent told News 12.

LoHud.com reported "Several eighth-grade boys were forced into a car in front of the Rye library by three teenagers about 5:30 p.m.. They were then driven to the secluded woods, where they were beaten raw on the buttocks and legs."

Rye PD referred inquiries to the Westchester County Police who have not responded to MyRye.com.

Rye City Schools released a statement from Dr. Edward Shine, Superintendent of Rye City School District, who said: "On Sunday, June 3, 2012 the district was informed by the Rye Police Department and County that they are investigating an incident that took place on Friday evening, June 1, 2012 at the Village Green and Rye Marshland involving some of our students. While this incident did not occur on school grounds or as part of any school activity, we strongly condemn anything that results in pain, injury or humiliation of students. This is currently a police matter and the district is cooperating fully with their investigation. Pending the outcome of the police investigation, students may be disciplined if deemed appropriate. We encourage parents to come forward to police with any knowledge of this matter."

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  1. Media Watchers – We Have a Winner!

    Jay Sears and MyRye.com is THE first local publication to cover this story from – wait for it – 3 FULL DAYS AGO.

    I’ve just scanned all the competition and while Lohud is NOW finally on the story, nobody local but Jay has moved a millimeter column inch on the subject here until now.

    But that hasn’t prevented regional video news for one moment – and they have lapped the field several times over with Channel 12 first and deep on the story.

    But if you’re reading this on Monday night before the Channel 5 10 PM news broadcast then be sure to tune in. Sources report there was much taping here today and it should be quite a story.

    Also would someone please tell Deputy Mayor Peter Jovanovich that a real INVESTIGATION is actually underway in the City of Rye RIGHT NOW? He’s been stonewalling several of them now for years, but somehow this particular INVESTIGATION got underway apparently without his permission – or for that matter Mr. French’s permission.

  2. If I was a RHS parent I’d start looking back in the recent past about the Rye Police Department’s apparent reduction of John Wood’s involvement at Rye High. Youth Advocacy was I believe started when I attended RHS in the 1970’s. It was in response to incidents (rather than phony recurring “traditions”) exactly like this with hospitalizations that brought resources to problem prevention.

    If Officer Wood has had his RHS interactions curtailed then shame on those who created justification for it. And shame on those teachers and administrators who looked away or pretended not to hear that this wasn’t incidental – but recurrent seasonal felony assault, wholly predictable. Now cue the lawyers, and Dr. Shine’s more vehement denials.

    Bob Zahm (if you’re with us) – can you tell us what was the board TOLD about this stuff before this year’s “ritual?” Or what did the board KNOW about this practice, as citizen representatives of the community? Surely other parents complained in prior years? It’s been fully 72+ hours of local media silence on this story except everyone knew everything thru the grapevine apparently by Saturday night or Sunday morning.

    BTW, the story has just gone national.


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