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Killian Appointed to Empty Keith Seat by Rye City Council

Julie Killian of Forest Avenue, a 20 year resident  of Rye, has been appointed to fill the seat vacated by Suzanna Keith. From the current six council members, she was voted in with five yes votes. Catherine Parker voted to abstain after she said she favored to hold the seat open until the election in the fall.

Killian ran for the seat against Charmian Neary of Midland Avenue and Jason Mehler of Milton Road.


  1. Congrats ru kidding? she bought that seat big guy. Where you been? No good deeds grow from bad seeds. The lady cut the line waving a fistful of cash. I hope Jason Mehler takes her out in November. This whole big thing was dirty from the start. Melher needs to start building an army now.
    Julie Julie Julie ur a cheater. Jason Jason Jason gonna beat her. thats a song, right.

  2. My email to Rye City Council:

    For the first time I am actually watching a Council Meeting live from my home rather than being present at City Hall, and I have to admit it has it’s rewards!

    I have just watched your decision on Suzanna Keith’s vacancy. I listened to all the reasoning & comments and I have to say I am extremely disappointed!!!

    This is nothing personal, I am friends with all 3 that volunteered, my opinion is based solely on what is best for Rye and an honest opinion on how you came to your decision on the candidate chosen.

    Let me start by saying, the minute Suzanna Keith announced she was resigning and leaving Rye the whispers were already swirling that her seat would be filled by Julie Killian. Then Julie Killian starts to show up every week at Council Meetings that she had almost never attended before. Then the Rye Record throws you all under the bus with that premature celebration. Next we have the financial reports go public on the Killian’s donations. Then, and obviously it never mattered, you have 2 more candidates throw their names into the mix, and might I add without doubt 2 very worthy candidates as worthy as Julie Killian, and I do believe that Julie is quite capable.


    Councilwoman Brett commented on how valuable experience is for this decision, no doubt – This is where you lost me!!!

    Jason Mehler had several supporting letters written on his behalf & has the Financial tools equal to Julie Killian, as far as I know neither one of them have sat at a DAIS.

    Charmian Neary has unmatched experience than both of these candidates combined.

    In my opinion your best decision would have been one of the other two candidates and if Julie is still interested she could have always run for the seat in November as she will have to do anyway if her goal is to stay as a City Council member.

    In the very least you owe the other candidates an explanation of how you came to this decision and why Julie Killian was chosen over them???

  3. Jim, unlike you, I know none of the candidates. I have seen Charmian at the meeetins (via TV) and her postings here. I was hoping that she would get the position. She didn’t but I would wish whoever got the position luck. They have a difficult task ahead of them. The better they do, the better Rye does.

  4. Personally, I am not surprised the Council chose Julie over the other two. While Rye is fortunate to have three talented individuals who are willing to step forward and serve all of us in this volunteer role, I think one aspect of Julie’s candidacy that outweighed the other bids was that she expressed an early and sustained interest. Charmian and Jason were comparative latecomers, only announcing their interest two weeks ago. It’s my opinion only, but it seemed they may have been influenced by a desire to block Julie’s service rather to promote their own. In any event, if they are truly interested in sitting on the council, I welcome their candidacy and hearing more of their thoughts in the upcoming election cycle this November.
    Regardless, Rye is very fortunate to have Julie’s wisdom, experience and passion on the council. No doubt it will serve the council well as they move forward into the budget cycle – congratulations, Julie!

  5. Congratulation Julie Killian .

    The disgusting attacks on her going on over at Rye Patch border lunacy . Just partisan hacks angry that a GOP majority didn’t see their brilliance to select the other 2 . They must not understand that elections have consequences and that the rules of Rye government don’t allow for minority groups to have a say . Maybe they find better candidates to run in November vs partisan screaming .

    Perhaps Julie can start her career by explaining to French and the other GOP members how this tree police idea is crazy , will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of $ to implement , and is the idea of < 1% of the town populace . We need some new blood from the oputside as the town council seesm to have lost touch with reality and voters .

  6. Matt,

    Jason & Charmian were not trying to block Julie, they both said they wanted to do what was best for Rye and a fair election in November in volunteering until the election and then stepping aside for the election.

  7. Hey DIVMAN,

    “The disgusting attacks on her going on over at Rye Patch border lunacy”….I just read “all 5” comments and not one fall in line with your description????

  8. Matt – your comments, as a loyal Republican soldier, are no surprise. Can we go off the party line now and tell the truth? Julie never had an early interest in the council. She seldom if ever attended a council meeting. A couple she went to because I called her and asked her to stop by. You’ve been to events at her house where I was there. Did we ever discuss the council? Tell the truth now, Matt. We’re off the party line, remember. No, we never discussed the council. Julie has had her eye on much bigger things in the last two years or so since she’s taken an interest in politics and public policy at all.
    Like hell she showed an early and sustained interest in the council. She became interested when Suzanna Keith offered her the appointment in exchange for Julie’s support. Julie had the opportunity to run last year. She chose not to because she didn’t want to give up her summer in Nantucket. That’s the truth. So she wouldn’t run for the seat, but when Suzanna offered the seat, which is morally wrong by the way, Julie became Suzanna’s bff and started showing up at council meetings. You can’t re-write history, Matt.
    I engage in dialogue with you on these blogs because you use your own name and you occasionally present a point of view with more nuance that typical party blather. So do I.
    I am not taking a Democratic hard line here. I seldom do.
    Was I trying to block Julie? From cheating, yes. But understand, I was more than willing to serve, and I was willing to sacrifice my own chance to run in the fall because I believe that much in fairness. If the council were really interested in “experience” they would have named me to that seat and you know that too. You’ve seen my resume I imagine. I’ve seen Julie’s original resume before it was enhanced with experience to equal mine. ( a bridge to the school board? – really? did anyone ask the school board how they’d feel about Suzanna Keith’s bff offering a “bridge” to them? )
    I’ve been asked to serve on the council long before Julie became a “politician” per facebook. So don’t say I only stepped in to block Julie. I was interested – early – in keeping the seat open. I want fair and honest elections and the Julie I knew used to agree with me.
    I spoke out against Tom DiNapoli doing this kind of backroom “selection”, rather than election, so this is not only about Julie cutting the line. I don’t like it when Democrats do it and I’m on record there. Close friends of mine were very angry at me when I publicly supported Harry Wilson, because they say Tom is such a nice guy. It doesn’t matter that Tom DiNapoli is a nice guy. The way he took office was wrong and that “nice guy” should not have taken the seat. In the same way, Julie’s wisdom and experience
    ( which we can debate ) and passion ( I’ll give you that ) don’t matter. She should not have “bought” this seat. Shame on her for throwing her money around like that.
    You know the GOP had all sorts of conversations as to whether this was political suicide or not. I guess they decided that they could push it through because no one has any respect for the council anyway – so they can’t lose respect.

    Since Julie only needs the seat as a layover for her true destination, you gambled you’ll get away with it.
    That’s OK, Matt, but you gambled 77 thousand dollars on Suzanna Keith and lost. Maybe with Julie you recoup that, I don’t know.

    Still it’s cheating, it’s wrong and it makes Julie no better than Tom DiNapoli.

  9. “Please Br’er Fox, please don’t throw me into that brier patch”

    Actually Matt, I’m not bitter. I’m in my happy place right now, because you, who have all the answers, are speechless in the face of facts, the calender and a good memory. Hah!
    You used to care about bullied kids, underdogs, right and wrong, and things like that. Or at least you professed to care. Now that I remind you that a pair of ladies from your team didn’t play by the rules; you know, right and wrong, don’t lie, don’t cheat, those rules, all of a sudden I’m bitter?

    Yeah, Harry Wilson lost to Tom DiNapoli 🙁 – but the editorial pages were with Harry and me – so there’s honor there. I do bring up DiNapoli a lot, true, but only because he’s an example of a fixed outcome which is readily understood. I’m not bitter though, that was a long time ago.

    Suzanna Keith, should I be bitter about Suzanna Keith? She lost spectacularly! Nope, no bitterness there.

    Now Julie? Things couldn’t have worked out better there. Didn’t folks from your party say it would be “political suicide” for her to be appointed now? Well, she was appointed.
    “Political Suicide” – that was from your triple XXX secret meeting which I heard all about – that isn’t my term. I think it means though that you guys did yourself in ~ and all I had to do was volunteer to serve on the council. It didn’t cost me a dime. Freedom of Speech is free, imagine that.

    Life is good, Matt. We’re well and the Yankees are winning. Karma’s been my friend. Sweet!

  10. Charmian,

    It is not just anonymous bloggers who are COWARDS, it is also those who can’t face the truth, admit a mistake, concede to FACTS, call people “bitter & delusional” when faced with EXPOSURE!

    I have never come across so many two faced FULL OF S*** people in my life, this City is going to “S*** in a Handbag”!

    It’s a shame they don’t all follow their phony friend to HOUSTON!!!

    I seem to recall Republican – Mr. Tony Piscionere attacking Mayor French at a Council meeting….”a stain on Rye” is what I believe he said.

    I wonder if he believes the same of his “new client”????

  11. Name calling will get none of you-s nowhere-s.

    Let’s focus on corruption.

    Nasty word, ain’t it?

    Mrs. Killian’s “selection” wasn’t corrupt. But some of the people who got to make it are. On this you don’t have to take my word for it; you just have to open your minds and speak to yourself like you speak to your children.

    Leon had the best town summary of the week. Please take the time to revisit his words below. Have a great weekend.


  12. Matt, Matt, Matt — you of many words must now resort to spitting out silly insults?

    I know you got reined in on the bullying issue. That’s not my fault, Matt. I admired you for your previous stand and I said so publicly. So could the “bitter” remark be projection? If you’re angry at your party boss don’t take it out on me.

    Bitter, for the record, is walking around Rye with a wacky letter, a letter calling me and Mack Cunningham bad names, weeks after you lost, begging your friends to sign it – because you lost.

    As for delusional, Matt, don’t call me delusional.

    A bit of free political advice, because I still like you:
    you and the entire RYE GOP should probably stay away from the following words for now:


    as well as “tireless” and “fill her shoes”.


  13. @tedc – not corrupt, just shameless and dishonest. I’m used to the kangaroo court like atmosphere, but Jason Mehler’s friends were shocked by their first experience with the Rye City Council’s version of fairness. When it happens for the first time it is kind of unsettling when your “leaders” look right into the camera and lie. I’m surprised by how quickly Laura Brett got sucked in, saying among other surprisingly silly things that Julie Killian was better qualified because she had more children in more schools. You hear that cold, as a civilian, and you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    The council and it’s “appointee” didn’t come off so well here. Leah Rae is no Mrs. Deputy Mayor.

  14. Charmian –

    “walking around Rye with a wacky letter” – What in the world are you talking about? I think you’ve over-medicated to get to your “happy place”.

  15. While at Kelly’s recently with a friend, I saw someone who appeared to me to be over-medicated. She was not in her happy place. She also was not a Democrat.

    Let’s add “over-medicated” to the list of words from which the Rye GOP should stay away.

    You wandered off message on the hazing thing, Matt.
    Now you’re blowing up your spot here.
    Aren’t you afraid Tony will cancel your Optimum online and take away your keyboard?

  16. “Tony will cancel your Optimum Online and take away your keyboard”… “walking around with a wacky letter”… Again, exactly what are you talking about? Please explain.

  17. @ Charmian,

    LOL, WOW, That’s the second Suzanna Keith sighting I have heard about this week…thankfully for Rye there will soon be NO SIGHTINGS!!!

    The truth becomes very obvious when someone avoids questions asked of him/her…you are wasting your breath!

  18. Hot enough for you today?

    It brings back memories.


    Fifty years ago on stifling late summer days when camp was over and the afternoon hours dragged on and school starting was still weeks away, I remember taking toy airplanes outside in the heat and “flying” them around my backyard – imagining piloting them high above a distant earth below – and bringing them to safe unbroken landing’s in far away airports in cities I was only then learning the names of. Most children I believe go thru similar phases of pretending. It’s an important early form of experimentation and cognitive development including the part encouraging abstract thought. Some children might try dressing up in their parent’s clothes; some might play army in gritty imaginary backyard “wars” complete with fake weapons (I sure did); some hold tea parties in their bedrooms for their friends – either real or wholly imaginary. And all of this is expected and natural in children. And then they grow up.

    School is certainly a big part of growing up in America. And in school we learn about many things – including math and science and how forms of government work around the world and here at home. And with government we learn about politics and political parties and candidates and elected officials and what laws are for and how they come about. And as school continues into higher grades our teachers increasingly discourage us from pretending and focus us instead on learning by giving us tests that measure what we know as opposed to what we might make up. And then we leave school, begin careers, start families, pay taxes and obey the laws – it is after all, The American Way.

    Local government exists to provide proscribed public services and ensure that residents of a town follow its myriad of regulations, codes and ordinances. It is – they say after all – the law. And it’s for our own good we’ve been told. And no one receives preferential treatment – no matter who they are – and no one is singled out for targeted punishment – no matter how much they exercise their rights to speak or what neighborhood they come from. And no one’s above the law – or beneath it. And elected officials still raise their hands and swear oath’s to uphold laws and interpret them in ways that establish public trust, ensure justice and maintain public credibility regarding codes established (in many cases) by our own parents and grandparents.

    Among us today, regrettably, walk pretenders. These pretenders have nothing to do with early childhood development, nothing to do with abstract thought or artistic expressionism. These pretenders astonishingly are now employed – or sit elected – on the promise that they will govern and lead honorably. But now after being given multiple chances to do things properly, to correct past wrongs, to bring sunlight into festering municipal cover-up’s, to deal swiftly and cleanly with dishonesty, to speak candidly – they have failed to do so.

    Instead – they pretend. And it’s not impossible that they have come to expect us to pretend with them. In this I believe they have fundamentally misjudged both us and the limits of their own self dealing. Thus it should not come as a surprise to anyone in this town that the reputational landings of this singular group of modern day local low-flyers will likely be neither safe – nor unbroken. Let’s all welcome Mrs. Killian. And let’s suggest she fasten her seat belt.

    Oh – and this just out –


  19. Mr. Regan,

    Happy to see you are quite the “Environmentalist”!!!

    Even former, recent, and present Presidents have fender benders every now & then….I’m curious, what do you do with your vehicles when they get into a fender bender or two – do you have them repaired or get a new one because you are “quite the ENVIRONMENTALIST???

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