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Rye’s Black Bass Comes Tumbling Down

Black Bass comes down

The Black Bass Grille finally came down yesterday after being abandoned for many years to make way for an apartment development. Who has memories of the Black Bass, or its predecessors Oldbody's and The Jungle Club?

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Photo credit: Suzanne Clary.

  1. I DO recall The Jungle Club. And I miss it.

    But now we have city council meetings to watch on TV!

    BTW I’m working on an essay for the weekend. It’s called “Let’s Pretend.”

    But mostly I’m so glad the Crowley boy is safe and sound.

  2. Oh great ! Just what Rye needs !

    Another apartment building that will jam another dozen kids into our falling apart overcrowded schools that won’t generate property taxes to cover even 10% of the additional kid’s costs that will require huge new tax increases on the existing homeowners still in Rye who still watching their home values fall . Meanwhile French & Co focus on pressing issues like whether we need to create a new Tree Police Dept to control what we can do with trees on our properties .

    Rye is becoming a miniature version of our federal government . Financial illiterates clueless at what is killing us focused on superfluous issues they dream up to keep the taxpayers distracted .

  3. DivMan

    That was one of the best posts I have seen in a while. Thank you.

    What about the hotel on 120 Old Post Road? Why is this such a priority for French? Why is this being shoved down our throats? Is it because a republican heavy hitter is representing the owner?

    Do you know who the lawyer is for the Black Bass?

    Follow the money.


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