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Three Rye Teens Arrested in Hazing Incident; Cops Want Tips

[We have also added a statement from Rye Schools sent out Monday night at the bottom of this story.]

The Westchester Department of Public Safety released the names of the Rye teens arrested in the Rye hazing incident and is asking for tips:

George N. Longworth, Commissioner, Department of Public Safety
Ned McCormack, Communications Director
Contact:  Kieran O’Leary (914) 864-7858   



Three teen-agers from Rye were arrested by Westchester County Police today and charged with Hazing, Assault and Unlawful Imprisonment following a joint investigation by the Westchester County and City of Rye police departments.

The investigation began Friday night after the Rye Police Department learned that several teens were forced into a car in front of the Rye Public Library and then driven to the county-owned Marshlands Conservancy, also in Rye. Two victims were then “paddled” multiple times with a large piece of lumber, causing bruising and other injuries to their buttocks and legs. One of the boys sought treatment at a local hospital for his injuries.

The incident is apparently part of a ritual involving Rye High School juniors and eighth-graders who will become freshmen at the school in the fall.

Arrested were: Max Meyerson, 16; Sean Pinson, 17; and Tristan Scragg, 17, all of Rye. Each was charged with Assault 2nd Degree, a felony, and Hazing 1st Degree and Unlawful Imprisonment 2nd Degree, misdemeanors.

The three youths were arraigned Monday night in Rye City Court and were released.

The investigation into the incident is continuing. Anyone with information can contact county police detectives at 1-877-220-3560. The county police also accept tips by text and email at TIPS@WCCOPS.COM.  All information will be kept confidential.


Email to Parents Monday evening from Rye City Schools:

Dear Parents,

This evening, we were informed that Westchester County Police have charged three Rye teenagers – all juniors at Rye High School – with unlawful imprisonment, assault, and hazing in an incident last Friday afternoon at the Village Green and Marshland Conservancy. The acts were allegedly committed against several Rye Middle School 8th graders

As Superintendent of Schools,  and speaking for the Principals of Rye Middle School and Rye High School, we are greatly disturbed by these allegations. We share our deep concern to the alleged victims and their families. Though this incident occurred outside of the school day and off school grounds, we must stress that there is, quite simply, no place in our schools or society for violent acts like those that have been alleged. 

While this is, first and foremost, a serious legal matter for the young men who have been arrested, these students will also face severe disciplinary consequences as students of the Rye Public Schools.

Some have suggested that these alleged acts are part of an annual 'tradition' at Rye High School. Let me be clear: just because a small handful of students choose to believe that this is the case, does not make it a fact. Our school district and our educators put a premium on student safety, respect, and dignity, and work diligently each day to inspire these traits in our students. 

We will provide more information on this serious matter as we learn more of the details. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Dr. Edward J. Shine

Superintendent of Schools

  1. Dr. Shine,


    This has been happening under your watchful $257,000 eye for the last 10 years and you have never done a damn thing about it.

    Now that the Westchester County Police are involved and doing what the RPD refused or couldn’t (duh factor) do you have the nerve to write a letter as if you have been oblivious to this behavior.

    We can only hope that your successor has a stronger spine than you!!!

  2. @ Shinee,

    “Our school district and our educators put a premium on student safety”

    Yes Dr. Shine, duly noted and evident by the Crossing Guard issues you have resolved in your “16 YEAR TENURE”!!!

  3. @ Avg.,

    And thank God for that, we all know what you guys would have done had this been a RPD arrest!!!

    I seem to recall you making a prediction recently on the blog about the Gimbels Ride, your prediction came thru but as usual it was all BS, when will you guys be back out there again?

    Or will you wait for Mr. Amico’s prediction to come first?

  4. Superintendent Shine,

    “The incident is apparently part of a ritual involving Rye High School juniors and eighth-graders who will become freshmen at the school in the fall”….WCPD

    “Some have suggested that these alleged acts are part of an annual ‘tradition’ at Rye High School. Let me be clear: just because a small handful of students choose to believe that this is the case, does not make it a fact”….Dr. Shine

    So, it sounds like to me that Dr. Shine is either calling the WCPD liars or he has been living under a rock!

  5. Jim A.:

    You are misinformed.

    Crossing guards are exclusively under the purview of the City of Rye. Dr. Shine and the Rye City School District have no authority to place crossing guards on any public street, corner or intersection in Rye. This is the City of Rye’s responsibility. The City hires and pays for all crossing guards. For the School District to do so would expose the District and Rye’s taxpayers to significant liabilities.


    Multiple LOCAL sources are reporting that School Liaison Officer John Wood’s Youth Officer/DARE position WAS eliminated by the Rye City Council (despite the objections of the Rye PBA and many RHS parents). And these types of scenarios were forecast to happen – and they now have.

    AND newly out today on the local Rye City Council corruption front, LausDeo10580 reports nothing much has changed about Mayor French’s illegal rental house, except the deeper grossness of the whole “I’m Above the Law” story and the “deathtrap” aspects of non compliance –


  7. Ted C. Hate to tell ya but whether a youth officer is in the school or not this would happen. This has been going on for over 10 years at the school. Only because kid complained to a parent now it’s out. And I don’t think in he past paddles were always used some years I believe it was just water balloons which to me is harmless but a paddle is a whole other story. Believe punching happened too at times like a dead arm. What I’m saying is in the past if it was just water balloons no one gets hurt no one cared. As for youth officer in a school it is good to have but doesn’t prevent everything. Studies show DARE actually does not work and kids will experiment no matter what. Maybe the way DARE is taught needs to change but drug use will never go away and DARE is a waste right now across the country. Kids will always be kids and this stuff has been going on for decades. Not saying its right just saying we can’t prevent everything and every few years something at RHS makes the news. Learn from it. If these kids go pledge frats it will happen there.

  8. @ Old Garnet,

    I am not misinformed, I am very well aware of how it works, I am not and have not suggested the RCSD “PAY for Crossing Guards” (although there is a way to get it done)….what I am saying is that since Dr.Shine was so kind to let the world know how long he has been a part of the dialogue (16 years by his admission, and might I add “WHAT DIALOGUE”?), nothing has changed!

    Now I don’t know about you but if I were a Superintendent of any school district let alone where “pedestrian safety” is a high priority I would stick my head in a hole after making such a remark!!!

    Being a Superintendent of schools does carry significant weight/respect, if this was such a high concern for our dubious Superintendent he would have pushed for it or in the very least pushed a little harder….
    now you have been informed, are we good?

  9. Dear Avg.,

    Glad you think we are all stupid, nice try but you are definitely on the inside….you gave that away with your very bold prediction of the RPD’s actions to come on the Gimbels Ride, which btw happened with no results…..save your breath.
    And you were mighty quick to respond here w/police info.
    Why don’t you just reveal yourself chicken s***!!!

    Any chance you can let us all in on the RPD’s next enforcement attempt on the Gimbles Ride?
    I would love to take a video!

  10. Ted,

    LMAO….John Woods???

    He has known about this all along, they all knew, the cops, City Council members,Commissioners, Chiefs, City Staff, Parents, BOE, Super Duper Dud Ed Shine, all of them….everyone knew and lets be thankful for the parents whom are under the entitlement label who finally had the B**** to step up !!!

  11. Above Avg, thanks for the props. I guess common sense does count for something these days. Maybe I am smarter than a lot of people on this blog. I never thought I was but your post makes me out to be someone who must be an insider beacuse of my posts.

    Again — thanks for the props!

  12. Need Change: No one can definitively say this wouldn’t have happened if there were still a Youth Officer. It’s your personal view. Mine’s different. DARE doesn’t work because it’s an abstinence-based program…just like prohibition didn’t work. Studies have shown intervention, family support and role models have a stronger, favorable effect on teens and drinking. I don’t know but I wonder if in prior years Officer Wood talked with the kids about this silly ritual and keeping it just that – a day for a prank but nothing destructive – physically or verbally.

  13. Anne, I’m not going to argue with that as I agree with what you are saying. Should have been a little more clear or explained better. I don’t know for sure but I doubt Det Wood spoke to the teens about it. I really don’t think Rye has had a solid youth officer really talking to kids in years. Just my opinion. Also yes For years Rye HS seniors have pulled clean fun no destructive pranks. It seems like this was just a handful of juniors not the whole junior class. A positive in a way. Imagine if this was a large majority of a class in the woods doing this. Seems most of the kids knew better. Few bad apples that will learn a lesson the hard way. Little surprised PD released names usually with youths you don’t do that. In addition I don’t think felonies will hold up unless very serious injuries. And if youthful offender it’s sealed. Shall see


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