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$52K of Garbage

Garbage isn't cheap.

Recently Rye City awarded a trash contract to City Carting & Recycling of Stamford. It's not cheap to trash:

$6,000 – 40 "Pulls" (pick-ups) of 20 Yard containers

$7,500 – 50 Pulls of 30 Yard containers

$39,000 – disposal cost of 500 tons of trash at $78.00/ton

$52,500 – total trash contract

Better start recycling more..

  1. Jay at least this “garbage” gets’s removed and a lasting benefit to the taxpayers is the result. But look at this –


    8 minutes of undercover footage out this morning exposing NY union boss’s telling how they – and the high ranking corrupt NY politicians that they name – conspire to drain “Green Job’s” money into digging holes in the ground – and then refilling them.

    And our own former assemblyman Ronald Tocci and his brother join the festivities!


    My bet is you can look for this again tonight on the national and local TV news. But don’t be discouraged because – “Ron Tocci is an outstanding example of what it means to serve one’s country. On both the military and public battlefields, he has dedicated his life to the betterment of our nation; he deserves to be recognized.” Suzi Oppenheimer, June 2010


  2. tedc – that’s a gratuitous shot at Suzi Oppenheimer. She had no way of knowing this. Did you read where Suzi Oppenheimer and Republican Dr. Steven Katz were the lowest reimbursement recipients in the legislature? Oppenheimer is honest and I’ll take that over many of the self dealing politicians here in New York.
    Suzi is retiring. Let’s leave her alone.
    PS Tocci is red handed here – no doubt about it – but at least he served in the military – unlike most of the Chicken Hawks who send the poor to a war they’d never fight themselves.


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