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Home Current Affairs Vacationing? Complete "Dark House Card" with Rye PD

Vacationing? Complete “Dark House Card” with Rye PD


The Rye PD is reminding residents to keep safety and crime prevention in mind while vacationing by taking a few precautions when on vacation to protect your home. One precaution they recommend is completing a "dark house card" which you can do by calling the Rye PD (967-1234):

"As the heart of vacation season approaches, we encourage residents to remember basic crime prevention tips while vacationing:

  • A burglar’s favorite target is an unoccupied home. Make sure not to give that impression: put newspaper and mail deliveries on hold; leave a light on with a timer. 
  • If you have an alarm system, please ensure that it is working properly, and that the alarm is set when you are away from home. 
  • Ensure that your doors and windows are locked.

Residents who are vacationing should also consider filing a "Dark House Card" with the Rye Police Department. Officers on patrol will be aware that you are away and give extra attention to your home.

If you see suspicious activity, be a good neighbor; please call the Police Department right away via 911 or at (914) 967-1234.

Most important of all — have a safe and restful vacation."


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