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Death Cheaper Than Marriage: Rye’s 2013 Fees

It's that time of year, and Rye City's 2013 final fee schedule is available for your perusal.


(PHOTO: Cheap)

Death (transcript $10) is a lot cheaper than marriage (license $40) and you can pay for all sorts of things – explosive inspection, cabaret (license, to our knowledge the city will not put on a show…), fingerprinting fees and a picnic for 150.


(PHOTO: Expensive)

Here is the complete list – which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

Standard Photocopy Fee Letter/Legal per page 0.25
City Maps 3'x5" 15.00
Aerial Map 15.00
Drain & Sewer map from blueprints (blue on white) 60.00
Standard Tax Map 15.00
Tax index map (40"x64") 15.00
Topographical maps 60.00
Multi & Commercial Appeals 500.00
Single Family Appeals 300.00
Adjourned Applications 100.00
Revised Plans 75.00
Electrical permits in existing building where a building permit is not required: for multiple residences, commercial or industrial buildings 100.00
Electrical Permits in existing buildings where a building permit is not required: for one & two family dwellings with contracts valued at $500 or more 70.00
Building Permits (1) – minimum fee 75.00
Building Permits (2) – add'l charge per $1,000 est. work (residential) 17.00
Building Permits (3) –add’l charge pre $1,000 est. work (commercial) 30.00
Building Permit (3) – penalty for work begun without permit 1,000.00
Certificate for Commercial Buildings 175.00
Certificate of Occupancy: to be paid with application for building permit 100.00
Changes in Approved Plans 100.00
Demolition Permits – Commercial and residential structures 2,000.00
Demo Pmts – In-ground pools tennis crts detached garages 750.00
Demo Pmts – Sheds, above ground pools, pool decks, gazebo 200.00
New Certificate for old buildings 100.00
Search for Municipal Records / Pre-date letters 80.00
Oil or gas heating permits in existing building w/o building permit required: New heating equipment installation or replacement 150.00
Plumbing – No building permit required (min) 70.00
Plumbing – for each fixture above 5 5.00
Sewer or storm drain connection (per) 70.00
Alarms permit – Fire/Burglar 35.00
False alarm: 2nd call per annum 50.00
False alarm: 3rd, 4th call each per annum 100.00
False alarm: over 4 per annum 200.00
Explosive Inspection Fee 115.00
Fireworks Display (each) 750.00
Installation of liquefied petroleum gas 57.00
Place of assembly 100 or more people 115.00
Storage of Flammable liquids (permits & insp.) 115.00
Storage of lumber (in excess of 100,000 bd. ft.) 57.00
Storage of underground tanks <1100 gal.(permits & insp.) 57.00
Storage of underground tanks >1100 gal. (permits & insp.) 115.00
Welding & cutting 55.00
Auctioneer 500.00
Birth Certificate 10.00
Blasting Permit 300.00
Cabaret 200.00
Christmas Tree Sale Refundable Bond 45.00
Christmas Tree Sales: Inspection 100.00
Code of the City of Rye 300.00
Code of the City of Rye – Supplement n/a
Codes: Zoning n/a
Coin operated Dry Cleaning Establishment n/a
Coin operated Laundry: Establishment n/a
Death Transcript 10.00
Dog License: Neutered Dog – Owner's Cost 14.00
Breakdown of Owner's Cost: City of Rye Fee 13.00; NYS Fee 1.00
Dog License: Non-Neutered Dog – Owner's Cost 22.00
Breakdown of Owner's Cost: City of Rye Fee 19.00
NYS Fee 3.00
Dog Redemption: with current license n/a
Dog Redemption: without current license n/a
Dry Cleaning Establishment 90.00
Debris Collection Container: 40.00
Filming: Private Property 450.00
Filming: Public Property (Maximum) 25,000.00
Filming: Public Property (Minimum) 1,600.00
Junk Merchant: Establish place of business n/a
Junk Peddler n/a
Laundromat n/a
Marriage License 40.00
Marriage Transcript 10.00
Non-refundable Bid fee (per every $50 of bid) 15.00-100.00
Other Pamphlet Codes 8.00
Peddler, Hawker, Solicitor 300.00
Additional Peddler, Hawker or Solicitor Permit Issued 75.00
Lost Peddler, Hawker or Solicitor Permit Replacement 5.00
Sign posting @ Boston Post Road & Cross Street 35.00
Tourist Park or Camp App. 5 units or less n/a
Tourist Park or Camp App. 6 units or less n/a
Tourist Park or Camp license (per unit) n/a
Gas Heat 150.00
Oil Heat 150.00
Bowling Alleys n/a
Circus n/a
Driving Range n/a
Miniature Golf n/a
Moving Picture House n/a
Public Exhibition 90.00
Public Hall 90.00
Shooting Gallery n/a
Skating Rink n/a
Taxi Cab License 130.00
Taxi Driver License 75.00
Theater n/a
Non-Resident Commuter (Includes Tax) 720.00
Resident Commuter (Includes Tax) 720.00
Merchant Parking (Non-Taxable) 456.00*
Taxi Stall Rental (Plus tax) 700.00
Guest Parking Overnight (max. 14 days per night) 10.00
Replacement Sticker (without old sticker) 60.00
Replacement Sticker (with old sticker) 10.00
Resident All Day/All Night 684.00
Resident All Night 342.00
Special Permits (Theo. Fremd Lot) n/a
Commuter Parking Waitlist Fee (Per Year) 50.00
Commuter Meters – Daily Rate (12 hours) 5.00
Paystation rate per hour 1.00
No Handicapped Permit (including NYS Surcharge) 150.00
Parking in Front of a Fire Hydrant 150.00
Beach Area Parking 75.00
Parking on the Street During the Snow Ordinance 75.00
Parking in a Crosswalk 75.00
Constructed or Replaced Curb 30.00
Constructed or Replaced Depressed Curb (min) 30.00
Constructed or Replaced Driveway (min) 30.00
Constructed or Replaced Sidewalks (min) 30.00
Construction Debris Containers (per day) 50.00
Street Obstructions, Storage of Materials, Operating Machinery, loading & unloading, scaffolding &
Bridging 100.00
Street Opening: Curbing-Asphalt/Concrete/Flag 180.00
Street Opening: Sidewalk Area-Asphalt/Concrete/Flag 180.00
Street Opening: Street Area-Asphalt 180.00
Street Opening: Street Area-Concrete 180.00
Street Opening: Test Holes (keyhole method) (each) 60.00
Street Opening: Unpaved Areas 180.00
Street Opening Permit Surcharge 175.00
Street Opening Public Service Fee (per LF, over 72 FT length) 2.50
Surface Water Control Application fee (Stand Alone) 200.00
Construction Manhole/Catch Basin (min) 180.00
Driving Pipes (min) 100.00
Install Underground Tank/Vault (min) 110.00
Plumbing Connection to Structures:
Manholes/Catch Basin (min) 45.00
Plumbing Connection to Structures:
Sewer or Drain Line (min) 35.00
Inspection Fee (per inspection) 135.00
Return Inspection 50.00
Tank Removal Inspection 100.00
Waterfront Consistency Review Application 825.00
Copies of Subdivision or site plans – complete sets only (per sheet) 12.00
Informal review n/a
Preliminary Application (up to 10 parking spaces) 1,000.00
Preliminary Application – Add'l charge per required parking space over 10 spaces n/a
Modification or Extension of Preliminary Application 825.00
Final Application ( up to 10 parking spaces) 1,225.00
Final Application – Add'l charge per required parking space over 10 30.00
Modification or Extension of Preliminary Application n/a
Inspection Fee (Fee + 7.0% cost of improvement) 550.00
Construction and Use without prior approval 2,800.00
Modification of Tree Preservation Plan by the City Planner 500.00
Tree Replacement, fee in lieu of 1,900.00
Informal Review 675.00
Preliminary Application 825.00
Preliminary Application – Add'l charge per lot 390.00
Waiver of Preliminary Application – Add'l charge per lot n/a
Modification or Extension of Preliminary Application n/a
Final Application 1,120.00
Final Application – Add'l charge per lot 385.00
Modification or Extension of Final Application n/a
Waiver of Penalty Application n/a
Inspection Fee – 7% of cost of improvement plus $50 per lot, or $500, whichever is greater 550.00
Modification of Tree Preservation Plan by City Planner 500.00
Tree Replacement, fee in lieu of 1,900.00
Fee in lieu of Parkland – In trust-minimum (dollars per square foot of lot area)
R-1 One Family District 0.14
R-2 One Family District 0.25
R-3 One Family District 0.35
R-3 One Family District (Floodplain) 0.25
R-4 One Family District 0.40
R-4 One Family District (Floodplain) 0.25
R-5 One Family District 0.49
R-5 One Family District (Floodplain) 0.25
R-6 One Family District 0.57
R-6 One Family District (Floodplain) 0.25
RT Two-Family district (1 and 2 Family Residence) 0.57
RS School & Church District (1 Family Residence) 0.35
RA-1 District (1 Family Residence) 0.57
RA-1 District (2 Family Residence) 0.41
RA-2 District (1 Family Residence) 0.57
RA-2 District (2 Family Residence) 0.49
RA-3 District (1 and 2 Family Residence) 0.57
RA-4 District (1 and 2 Family Residence) 0.57
B-1 Business District (1 and 2 Family Residence) 0.57
Apportionment Application 650.00
Construction and Use without prior approval 2,730.00
Application Fee 985.00
Inspection Fee 550.00
Appeal of Determination 550.00
Extension of Prior Approval 600.00
Outdoor Dining Fee 500.00
Auxiliary Police Services Event Fee 200.00
Defensive Driving Course 50.00
Fingerprinting Fees 100.00
Good Conduct Certificates 75.00
Mooring Permits (per permit) 150.00
Police report copies (per copy) 0.25
Redemption of Shopping Carts 50.00
Reprints of Photographs 30.00
Subpoena Fees for Records (min) 30.00
Failure to shovel snow after a storm 50.00
Collection of bulky metals at curbside (minimum) 35.00
Collection of bulky waste in excess of 2 cubic yards (min) 35.00
Penalty for amounts not paid within 60 days 25.00
Penalty for amounts not paid within 90 days 25.00
Add'l penalty for amounts not paid if collection by levy is required 25.00
ATHLETIC FIELD USE SURCHARGE (per person/per prog) 15.00
Auditorium (per hour) 100.00
Other Rooms (per hour) 75.00
Auditorium: Non-Profit/Co-Sponsor Rate (per hour) 75.00
Other Rooms: Non-Profit/Co-Sponsor Rate (per hour) 50.00
New Multi Purpose Room (4 Hours) 575.00/675.00
Birthday Party: Basic Program (two hours) 200.00/300.00
Private Party: Other rooms (each) 475.00/575.00
Maintenance Coverage (per hour) Full-time 50.00
Maintenance Coverage (per hour) Part-time 35.00
Alcohol Permit Fee 50.00
Security Deposit (Refundable) 100.00
Day Camp – ½ day program (resident) 585.00
Day Camp – 2 week session (resident) 515.00
Day Camp – 6 week basic (non-resident) 1,510.00
Day Camp – 6 week basic (resident) 745.00
Day Camp – 6 week extended program (resident) n/a
Day Camp – Swim group 80.00
Day Camp – Swim lessons (with group) 115.00
Kiddy Camp (resident) 680.00
Kiddy Camp – 2 week session (resident) n/a
Registration fee after deadline
180/30 wk
Camp 78 – 6 weeks 1,260.00
Camp 78 – 2 weeks n/a
Camp 78 – 1 week 210.00
Camp Withdrawal Fee 25/wk
Daily Fees (resident & non-resident) 5.00/10.00
All day field permit (10am-6pm) 700.00
Field permit (2 hrs.) 200.00
Field/Facility Use – Basketball – Outdoor lights (2hrs) 160.00
Softball – Men's Adult (per team) 360.00
Softball – Woman's Adult (per team) 315.00
Non-profit/Police/Fire 50.00
Refundable Deposit (Part of Fee) 50.00
Weekday Picnic ( 4-Dark) 165.00
Up to 75 (Resident/Non Resident) 200.00/300.00
75 to 150 (Resident/Non Resident) 400.00/500.00
Permit – Adult (19 & over) 110.00
Permit – Family (max. 5) 285.00
Permit – Individual (non-resident) 220.00
Permit – Junior (6-13 /14-18 years) 60.00
Permit – Senior (60+) 75.00
Clinic – Adult Tennis (4 classes) $90/115
Clinic – Youth Tennis (4 classes) $80/$90
Daily Fee (resident only) 13.00/7.00
Guest of Permit Holder – Hourly fee 13.00/7.00
Private lessons: Per half hour 38.00
Private lessons: Per hour 52.00
Non-Resident Senior 145.00
Dubbing Fee (per tape) 20.00
DVD Dubbing Fee (per DVD) 20.00
Mini DV 60 6.00
Mini DV 80 10.00
DVD-R 4.00
CD-R 1.00
Camcorder – per day (Misc. Equipment Extra) 100.00
Camcorder Canon XHA1 per day (misc extra) 250.00
Tripod per day 50.00
Light kit: Arri or Lowell per day 100.00
Shotgun mic and cables per day 30.00
Digital Editing Suite without Personnel (per hour) 150.00
Studio without RTV personnel (per hour) 200.00
Staff Audio/Graphics In-Studio (per hour) 35.00
Staff Cameraperson In-studio (per hour) 50.00
Staff Cameraperson On-Location (per hour) 75.00
Staff Editor (per hour) 125.00
Staff Other On-Location (per hour) 75.00
Staff Producer/Director In-studio (per hour) 150.00
Staff Technical Supervisor (per hour) 150.00


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