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Home History Rye Beach Hotel, Early 1900s Rye

Rye Beach Hotel, Early 1900s Rye

Rye Beach Hotel in the early 1900s.

Rye Beach Hotel early 1900s

  1. I have seen this picture before but I forget exactly where the hotel was. Anyone know the answer? Also I am aware there was no Rye Town Park per say yet and much of the area wasn’t developed of course. Shame that building is not there anymore. Shame there are not more shops and restaurants on the waterfront by the boardwalk area. waste of space and empty buildings.

  2. Need Change – If you do a little research you’ll find this structure, and another hotel, were in today’s boardwalk area abutting the beach. Regrettably they both fell into the seedy category with prostitution and assault arrests becoming common. The urban renewal that was Playland Park caused them to be torn down.


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