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9-11 Remembered in Rye Schools

9-11 quilt

(PHOTO: 9-11 Quilt from 2011)

September 11 was commemorated in several ways throughout the District; some schools held morning moments of silence, and several teachers presented age-appropriate lessons and led discussions to teach students about the tragedies that took place eleven years ago and the way people came together to support one another during the difficult times.

At the High School, Participation in Government classes discussed the day and its impact on the country. Middle School eighth grade teacher Ms. Miller used the “Spirit of Volunteerism: 9/11 and Beyond" documentary and discussion guide to teach students about the outpouring of support after the attacks. Another eighth grade teacher, Mr. Brown, conducted a “teach-in” activity in his social studies classes covering the topic and understanding the role of diversity in American life. Fourth grade teachers at Osborn read the book Fireboat, then led an activity in which student created paper squares containing poems and illustrations that will be combined into a large quilt. Ms. Carman’s class at Osborn discussed the song lyrics, “Heal the World,” creating pictures for a September 11 tribute.


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