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Dems Take Astorino for Playland Ride

You can't make this up. Your local politicos are goofing off at Rye Playland.

Westchester bol at playland

(PHOTO: Who wants to take Astorino for a ride?)

Local Dems headed over the Playland last Monday where they "spent a few hours yesterday afternoon walking around Playland, the 280-acre County park and National Historic Landmark, thanking patrons and employees for a successful year" or poked Republican Westchester Boss Rob Astorino in the eye.

It all depends how you look at it…

The Dems have been busy belittling Astorino's ranting and raving about how Playland is a financial sinkhole. In a PR statement the Dems said "The most recent financial figures on Playland are proving to be favorable, with revenues and expenses at budgeted levels, and attendance keeping pace with last year’s numbers. According to the 2012 Adopted County Budget, even with over $3.1 million in debt service included as an expenditure, Playland amounts to only $3 million of the $548 million county tax levy—a whopping $3 per person."

In August the Dems called for an independent audit of Playland "because of troubling inconsistencies and omissions in the data regarding the park’s attendance and revenue figures being reported by the Astorino Administration."           

  1. Astorino has only himself to blame for not moving forward and privatizing Playland after asking for and getting private sector proposals . On the other hand , only really pathetic Democrats would make the case Westchester government should own and run an aging amusement park

  2. Are these the same clowns who spend hours at a Rye bus stop for a non-existent bus to try and make some point ? Why yes it is . Same morons have never offered a single public idea how to CUT SPENDING in bankrupt Westchester or at least what they would cut somewhere else in Westchester budget to keep that empty bus rolling .

    This English politician knows how to summarize these Democrats perfectly !



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