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Hazing Statement from Rye Schools on First Day Back

Karina Stabile, Public Information Coordinator at Rye City Schools, released the following statement on hazing from Rye's new school superindentent Dr. Frank Alvarez. The statement comes in the wake of June's hazing attacks, in the wake of the departure of Dr. Alvarez's predecessor Dr. Ed Shine and after repeated requests from MyRye.com.

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Last June's incident underscores the need for the entire Rye community to ensure that inappropriate (and allegedly criminal) behaviors of young people are never downplayed, dismissed, or tolerated. We believe that for its part, the school district must continue to play a leadership role that will result in the reinforcement of character, kindness, and compassion.

The District is working with other groups within Rye to address this community-wide concern and to develop a plan for the 2012-13 school year. Our initiatives, which we will continue to share updates and details on throughout the next several months, include the following:

  • Revisitation of policies and the Code of Conduct to present critical issues to students in an age-appropriate, understandable manner
  • Extra training for coaches and athletes to promote good sportsmanship and positive behavior
  • Implementation of social responsibility programs in the schools
  • Professional development throughout the year to encourage support for all students, while enforcing the message that negative behaviors such as bullying and other violations to the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated
  • Participation in community dialogues and meetings surrounding this issue"


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