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It’s Antiques Roadshow at The Osborn

If you can't make it to the actual Antiques Roadshow, The Osborn retirement home is offering the next best thing.

Antiques roadshow 2

On Friday, September 28th from 7 – 9 pm, enjoy wine and cheese while a panel of art & antiques professionals answer your questions and share tips and trends for collectors. The event, which is $25 per person ($20 for seniors), will be in the Sterling Lounge at The Osborn and benefits The Osborn Charity Care Program. RSVP by 9/21: 925-8372 or miriamsattic@theosborn.org.

Then on Saturday, September 29th from 10 am – 2 pm, Miriam’s Attic at The Osborn presents “What’s In Your Attic” Art & Antiques Appraisal Day. Be a part of The Osborn’s own “Antiques Roadshow” and bring in your family heirlooms, treasured artwork or antiques for verbal appraisals from experienced professionals.

RyeTV will be on hand to capture the excitement when you find out if that heirloom is trash or treasure. Appraisals are $20 for the first item and $10 for each additional item (up to 3 items). All proceeds from the event benefit The Osborn Charity Care Program.

The Osborn is located in Rye at 101 Theall Road, between Playland Access Road and Osborn Road. For more information, please call 914-925-8372 or miriamsattic@theosborn.org.


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