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Rye Has Tweeting School Superintendent

We hope he does not do it during school hours…


(PHOTO: The Twitter profile picture)

Rye City School District's new Superintendent Dr. Frank Alvarez has started to tweet from @DrFrankAlvarez. As of this week, there are only three tweets – about school recognition, a new gas line and AP awards. Alvarez follows 10 other Twitter accounts including @MyRye. Thanks for the follow!

It will be interesting to see how Alvarez uses social media (will he add Facebook, Four Square, Tumblr and others?) to engage of various school issues with students and the community, especially around sensitive topics such as hazing.

Alvarez first 3 tweets



  1. I wonder if he will “TWEET” his input on the lack of “SAFETY” for the children to cross in “his” crosswalks at school dismissal or will he wait for his “16 YEAR TENURE” to “GIVE A S***” as did Dr. Shine as he walked out the door forever????????

    Or will he wait until a child is injured or killed on his watch to step in????????


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