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$1.86 Million Bonds: Get The Facts

Election Day is around the corner and you'll be asked to vote yes or no on two Rye City bond referendums totalling $1.86 million.

The city has posted a bond fact sheet and a list of bond projects and related costs.

Happy reading.

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  1. What happens in 20yrs when your kids need the same roads repaved but they first have to pay off these bonds and don’t have the $ to do that ( like we don’t today ) ? This is everything wrong with NY govt at its worst . Why didn’t we pave the roads with the money sent in to fund those absurdly generous pensions and benefits our unionized workers get in retirement that none of us in private sector will ever see ? Why do we feel compelled to overpay town employees but have no way to do the most basic of town services ( paving/sidewalk repair ) afterwards ? Such simple unsustainable math and nobody will discuss . Thank god i will be gone from Rye when the ability to issue more debt is gone and it all blows sky high . Its coming .


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