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A Walk Through History, This Sunday $30/Person

Voting at Theo. Fremd Meat Market 1904 (88 Purchase Street) Now Twinkle Toe's. This building is still standing.

(PHOTO: Voting at Theo Fremd Meat Market 1904 (88 Purchase Street), now Twinkle Toe's.)

Rye before all the shops, cafes and banks.

On Sunday, October 14th, the Rye Historical Society will present its annual walking tour into Rye's past. Not to be confused with its permanent walking tour, these tours come with tour guides and docents to give you an in-depth look into our history. This year, the tour will begin with the arrival of the railroad around 1850 and end with the post-WWII period around 1950.

The arrival of the railroad signaled the beginning of  Rye's transformation from a small agricultural community into a modern suburb. At various stops along the route, docents will discuss how the railroad played a role in the changing nature of Rye's commercial district and her residential neighborhoods; how these changes set in motion her progression from town to village to city; the impact of two World Wars and the Depression; and how all these changes affected her religious, educational, and civic institutions.

The tour begins near the location of the original railroad station at the corner of Purchase Street and Theodore Fremd (formerly Railroad Avenue). Tours depart every 20 minutes starting at 9:40 am with the last tour leaving at 2:40 pm. The tours are $30 person, or $25 for members. The tour takes about 2 hours with seating available at most of the stops. Call 967-7588 to reserve a tour time.


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