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Coastal Evacuation Route Rye NY

Rye PD has issued directions on the proper coastal evacuation route:

Advisory: Coastal evacuation route, if needed: Forest Av to Oakland Beach Av to Post Road to Old Post Rd to I-95. Plan early.

In the event of an emergency evacuation of coastal areas, the preferred route will be Forest Avenue to Oakland Beach Avenue, north on Boston Post Road to Old Post Road, to Interstate 95. Signs have been posted along that route.

Please note that those roads typically remain open while locations on Milton Road, Playland Parkway, Midland Avenue, and Boston Post Road flood. However, during a coastal event, Forest Avenue is likely to become inaccessible as well. Residents should prepare to leave vulnerable areas well in advance of that point.


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  2. @ Chris Gray – you are one seriously messed up poster. And not just this post, but the series of your rants is quite a bit … ummm … confusing. You want the Oyster Bay Bridge or you don’t? I can’t tell. But as a Rye resident, I’m glad it’s not in place ’cause it would have ruined the area; made Rye a rest-stop on the way to / from Long Island.

  3. Chris Gray get a clue. On another note Major blame should be placed on Mayor French and city Manager Pickup for the mess of not evacuating people out of their homes on Saturday and Sunday. Instead they made the decision at 2pm Monday and people had until 4 pm when the storm was starting to get really bad. Rye has been through many many storms and the forecast were right and they said it would be bad. Instead first responders put their lives on the line in awful conditions to rescue people. Both of these men should be fired and out of office. If no residents agree with this then you live in lala land.

  4. Chris Gray –

    Thanks for moving out of Rye. The less nut cases around here, the better. And stop spending so much time in the sun, it’s pickling your brain.

    Need Change – as I said in a separate post, the police did not forbid anyone from evacuating earlier, and were telling people to prepare for evacuation well beforehand. Anyone was free to move to higher ground at any time before the storm hit.

    I’m more than a little tired of people whining about how the government isn’t taking care of them enough. A well-publicized storm is bearing down on the metro area, with news of widespread flooding and very high winds days and days before the storm hits. Am I supposed to feel sorry for some schmuck who bought waterfront real estate, hears of this storm three or four days prior to it making landfall, and then complains that no one told him/her to evacuate until the last minute? What about personal responsibility and thinking for oneself? Or are we all supposed to become wards of the state?

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