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Donations for Staten Island to Rye Presby by 1pm Sunday

An appeal for help on Staten Island from MyRye.com reader and correspondent Suzanne Clary:

Even without power and gas, our Rye has compassion like no other city. It reminds me of that scene in Capra's "It's a Wonderful Life" when Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed skip their  own honeymoon and use the money to stop a bank run and help the people in their town get by.

Not only are we helping our fellow neighbors in Rye by taking each other in to our homes, loaning generators and sharing meals, now a group of Rye residents are going an extra mile trying to help with relief efforts in Staten Island too! They are asking people to bring donations to the Rye Presbyterian Church assembly room by one o'clock tomorrow.

They are asking for some very basic necessities as they pick up their lives and try to salvage their belongings.

Canned goods
Baby wipes
Plastic garbage bags
Cleaning gloves
Work gloves
Bottled water
Hand sanitizer
Storage bins with tops



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