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Rye Rescues The Rockaways

The students of Reach Out Rye at Rye Middle School and other community members are headed to help the Rockaways tomorrow, Monday, November 12th. Here is how you can help by donating or joining the effort yourself:


To the Rye community, teachers, and friends,

Hurricane Sandy was the most destructive storm to hit the East Coast in centuries. As you know, the storm left wide spread devastation up and down the East Coast, including the City of Rye. Even as the residents of our community are picking up the pieces, there are people in the Metropolitan Area that don't even have pieces to pick up.

Places like The Rockaways and Broad Channel in Queens, NY incurred extensive flooding caused by the storm surge and high winds. Homes were damaged or destroyed when the ocean met the bay. Residents were left with the overwhelming task of cleaning up. Most, if not all residents, are still without power, heat, and hot water making the cleanup efforts virtually impossible. Having seen the damage first hand, I can attest that the people in these areas are in need of help to clean up the streets, outside of their homes as well as the local schools to restore their neighborhoods once again.  Homes, schools and businesses across the peninsula are covered in sand, muck, and debris.

I have asked for help from the Rye community to help them return to normalcy. The students of Reach Out Rye at Rye Middle School, along with interested community members, have agreed to put together a large scale effort to assist in the cleanup and restoration of these areas. They will be bringing buses (donated by Jim Didonato of J&R buses and parents) full of volunteers and supplies down to the Rockaways on Veteran's Day (this Monday, November 12).

Teams will be sent to locations around the drop off points to assist in the following ways:

    Remove refuse, drywall, and wet items from neighborhood homes and yards for garbage pick-up
    Power wash the outsides of homes and fences
    Move the sand off people's properties to be collected and returned to the beach
    Help a local school, clean up and get it ready to open

How can you help?

Please consider donating goods needed to restock homes and the schools with supplies (see attached list of needed items). There may also be space on the buses if you want to volunteer on Monday (first come, first served basis). All children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. HOWEVER, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS IS NOT A SCHOOL SPONSORED EVENT.

An email has been set up to answer any questions you may have: RescueTheRockways@gmail.com


Charlie Carman (8th grade teacher at RMS and former resident of the Rockaways)

Craig Dreves, Sandy Johnson and Jana Seitz


Clean up the outside of people's homes, lawns and side walk.

Rubbish / Drywall removal from flooded homes

Basic repair from storm damage

Assist with the cleanup of a local school

Recommended Items to bring…

Sturdy water proof shoes / work shoes

Work gloves with rubber coating

Warm clothes (dress in layers)

Dust respirator / mask

Wind Breaker/waterproof shell

Equipment needed for project:

General Cleaning supplies
        bleach, disinfectant spray, window cleaner, rags, paper towels, rubber gloves, cleaning towels (like easy wipes), scouring pads, sponges, scrub brushes, liquid disinfectant dish soap,
        Work Safety Supplies: dust masks, latex gloves, work gloves
        Contractor bags /garbage bags
        5 gallon buckets
        Gas Leaf Blowers, Gas Powered-Power Washers and Gas
        Big push brooms, shovels, wheel barrows
        Flatbed or similar to transport equipment

Collections for donation:

Basic grooming supplies, personal hygiene products, sealed cold medicine, towels, and baby/infants supplies (diapers, wipes, warm clothes)

Basic school and office supplies

ALL SUPPLIES CAN BE DROPPED OFF AT RMS (in the Multi-Purpose Room) or at Mr. Dreves' home at 325 Milton ROAD on the back deck or in front of the garage (off Radcliffe Ave).


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