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Story w Osborn School Utility Poles

From Rye Mayor French Monday morning: "the poles in the back lot of Osborn School are private and do not belong to Con Edison, The School and the City are working with a contractor to replace them and then with Con Ed dept. of energy services for restoration."
  1. Bob, I never heard of it, but I’ll assume they belong to a supplier. I’m sure Con Ed does not “grow their own” and therefore must, like all other utilities, purchase poles from suppliers. There is a chance that these poles are destined for upstate, NJ, etc. Perhaps the supplier is ‘staging’ them there in case they are needed by their customers.

    As for Steve’s comment, uhhh — are you saying Con Ed should steal them? Ok…

  2. @ Average Citizen – the issue is a little deeper, I fear. If the poles were not “private” (whatever that means), then I believe Coned would go ahead an replace them w/o delay and recover any cost through the rate base. As “private” poles, I believe someone else is responsible for their resplacement – in this instance, the school district.

  3. Why is it that on every level for every subject here in Rye does everything become so GOD DAMN COMPLICATED?????????????

    We need to clean HOUSE in a BIG WAY and I am not just referring to our City Manager!!!

    Rye is and has been BEYOND OUT OF CONTROL and getting worse by the day!!!

    I don’t even think I know a way to describe what Rye has become but what I do know is that there needs to be a lot more change than just Scott Pickup!!!

    Why do we, the NON-OFFICIAL RESIDENTS, continue to TOLERATE the DISRESPECT & CORRUPTION we receive from the same very people we put “OUR” TRUST in and are responsible for placing in their positions????

    When will the Residents of Rye unite and put an end to this and some order back into RYE??????????

  4. Jim – it’s kind of early in the morning to be YELLING. And I don’t think the City has any involvement in this particular topic. I’m just trying to find out what a private utility pole is / how it would come to be. I am intersted in this point because the need to replace the utility poles creates (created?) an opportunity to move them further to the north from the road bed – making driving safer and adding the potential for additional parking spaces without the normal $60k+ Coned charge for moving a utility pole. I’ve not been over to Osborn today, but am afraid that opportunity may have been lost. But I think this has nothing to do with the City – Manager, Council, Mayor, etc.

  5. Bob,

    Addressing the “yelling”: I have come a long long way since I began writing emails and was told to “STOP YELLING” because I wrote everything in caps…..I now use caps to emphasize words that I want to stand out, the amount of !!!! or ???? is just my strength of opinion, sorry you see this as yelling….who started that theory anyway – that caps means your yelling,lol? I have never seen it written in any law book and if it were a “law” it sure as hell wouldn’t matter around here, unless of course your name is Jim Amico….THEN IT’S ENFORCED!!!

    Other than the Stop Signs “FINALLY” being put behind us what have you seen recently that wasn’t made complicated for any reasons good or bad??

    Not sure what Council meetings you have been paying attention to but all the ones I am present at or watch from home are far from being a complete evening of POSITIVE UNITE in our community or for our community!!!

    When I release what just happened this week involving me you will have a more clear understanding of where my post was coming from.

  6. Good article in today’s (7 Nov) Journal News speaking to the Osborn utility pole issue. Seems like Coned could have done the replacement but decided not to. It also seems that Coned jerked the District around. Worth reading.


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