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Your Help: Clean-Up Downtown Rye 1:30pm Sunday

From Holly Kennedy, clean-up in downtown Rye City today (Sunday) 1:30pm:

"For the first time in forever, Indian Village isn't  the center of the crisis . Our town needs our help. Join us at 1:30 today for an hour of quick cleanup.

In the same sentiment that the government cannot do everything, they aren't. There is no garbage collection downtown and Rye looks dreary and bereft. The town is trashed, literally and it's from humans, not trees.

Thank goodness Starbucks is open, but gosh darn, there are hundreds of coffee cups strewn from the train station tracks to the center of town to the library.

Private enterprise is not picking up the slack. That's where private citizens can.Let's do it.

I'm organizing a team for 1:30 today for a quick down town cleanup and I'm hoping you'll come, send teens and/or make it a family affair. It's a GREAT DAY. We can make a difference and also show Rye that when Indian Village isn't knocked flat, we stand up and make a difference to the community. Since so many people are suffering without power, and so many of us are helping neighbor to neighbor and also extending our reach to other communities, I'd like to help our community. The City doesn't have time or manpower to address trash pickup downtown.

Bring gloves, a rake or broom, a couple of trash bags and let's make Rye sparkle.Please send along to anyone else who might be looking for an afternoon activity for themselves or their teens…

Thanks a million. See you at 1:30.
I'll have extra trash bags and disposable gloves.


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