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Rye City to Hold Newtown Vigil Sunday, 5pm

Rye Mayor Doug French announced a vigil for those lost in Newtown, Connecticut. The Mayor sent the following email Saturday evening:

"The City of Rye will hold a vigil for those lost in the Newtown, CT school tragedy on our Village Green this Sunday, December 16, 2012 at 5:30 pm.  We ask our local clergy and officials to participate.

Please pass the word to the community, other networks, and other clergy.  Bring candles as well.

Commissioner, if you could do a reverse 911 and a nixle, that would be great.  Laura, if the School could use its listserv and Eleanor, the City listserv as well.

Sally Rogol, if you could arrange for a microphone.  Let's plan on meeting at 5:00 pm to coordinate.  This tragedy hits too close to home, and the City should come together to pay our respects and grieve as community.  Mayor Douglas French

Douglas French
Mayor, City of Rye"

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