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Rye Golf Club Wants You

In an apparent effort to clean things up, the Rye Golf Club is looking to recruit members to serve on various oversight committees. Those with any interest are being asked to send an email to rgccommission@yahoo.com indicating the committee they like to serve on and their related qualifications.

Will you join a committee? Leave a comment below.

Here's the note:

"Rye Golf Club has been and is an important, viable asset of the community and it is clear it has been improving over the years and the Commission's goal is to enhance and expedite those improvements in the near future.  Although undoubtedly  recent events have raised some unresolved  issues concerning management oversight, the Commission believes these events have afforded an opportunity for the Commission to seek to have the City empower it with more oversight, and to "re-engage" the membership in an effort to urge them to become more of an active voice.  The Commission would like to invite members wishing to serve on the following committees respond accordingly.  Please let us know what committee you would like to serve on and why you would be an asset to such a committee.  All Committees will be chaired by a Rye Golf Commissioner.  Each committee will be limited to five members.

Finance Committee:   Responsible to work with the appropriate staff and form the operating budget of the club.  Present the budget to the Commission.  The number of meetings is indeterminate.

Pool Committee:  Responsible to meet with appropriate staff and provide feedback on the pool operations to the Commission.  The Pool Committee will meet at least twice a year.

Golf Committee: Responsible to meet with appropriate staff and provide feedback on the golf operations to the Commission.  The Golf Committee will meet at least twice a year.

Tournament Committee:  Responsible to meet with appropriate staff.  Organize the calendar for the tournaments.  Plan the formats, fee schedules and disbursement of  funds for the tournaments.   The Committee will update the Commission at least twice a year.  The number of meetings is indeterminate.

Marketing Committee:  Plan the marketing of RGC for both events and  membership drives.  Present the ideas to the Commission.  The number of meetings is indeterminate.

Nominating Committee:  Reach out to members in good standing to run for the Commission.  Set up the ballot with the third party voting site.  The results are sent to the City Clerk.

  1. I will sign up for a committee. There are two that i’d be very interested in being on. It’s a good way to get the club running the way we as members would like to see it run.

  2. While I agree with your sentiment, LausDeo, I am disturbed by your chosen wording.

    In response to an e-mail I sent volunteering to serve on the finance committee, I received an e-mail that was sent to several other people thanking me (us) for our submissions. The note also said that the Commission would like to have the committees start work in January.

  3. Did anyone else note that there was no Whitby Castle Committee? Does any member have an objection to putting a few club chairs in the left room past the elevator and the 2nd floor Chapel Room combined with floating waiter for coffees, drinks, or appetizers? Is it too labor intensive to light a fireplace now and then, there are more than a few throughout.

  4. Bob,
    I actually agree with your assessment of my wording.

    That being said, more importantly, it’s good that engaged folks like you join these committees. FYI, I just learned that the all important Rye Golf Club RFP Committee formed by the mayor will be meeting 3pm on Sunday at Whitby Castle. This meeting was not noticed to the public. So I guess now it is.

    Enjoy your weekend Mr. Z.

  5. When politicians and pacs run ads they always end with “this ad was approved by” and “paid for by”. Doesn’t anyone else want to know who’s footing the bill for leon’s blog or the dozens of aliases he posts under on all these chat rooms. It’s got to be adding up no? Whoever it is could almost pay for a new fleet of fire trucks, a flock of crossing guards & have enough left over to pay for a couple of rgc member’s minimums! We should also remember to at least try to be civil to one another especially to our civil servants. Sarcasm, rude behavior & vulgar language does not a good citizen make.

  6. As a regular contributor on these matters (without a psudonym) I move for a 48 stay on slaughtering each other out of respect for the slaughter of 20 first graders a mere 30 miles north of us. I have been reading and trembling most of the day. Though I have never followed news of the powerful gun lobby and their reliance of the 2nd Amendment (which really doesn’t read the way they wish), as I grew up in Northern California and now live in NY and have never owned a gun, have never even held a gun, let alone fired one. In the face of this it would take decades to put new legislation into effect, if it could get passed at all. The tradegies, history has told us is not going to stop, which is why I am going to draft a letter to the Department of Justice next week requesting an armed U.S Marshal stationed at every Rye School; I am looking to collect 100 signatures, Robert? Joe D? Joe S?


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