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Rye Middle School Principal: Will Speak @ Tragedy with Kids Monday

Rye Middle School Principal Ann Edwards reports the school will speak with kids Monday about the Newtown tragedy:

"Dear Parents,

We are in shock over the horrific school shooting that took place in Newtown, Connecticut, on Friday. Our hearts break for those whose lives have been irrevocably and tragically impacted.

At times like this parents can sometimes wonder how to discuss traumatic events with their children. The Pupil Support staff at the middle school would like to pass along a few suggestions.

First, listen to what your children are saying and meet them where they are.

Wait for them to bring up the topic and monitor conversations around them and the news sources available to them.

Answer questions they have about the shooting and persons involved as best you can.

Stay as general as possible in your answers following their lead for more information and specifics.

Remember that "I Don't Know" is an honest, acceptable answer.

Tell your child that more information will come out as the story unfolds.

Connect with your children emotionally recognizing the incomprehensibility and horror of what happened.

Remind them that this type of event is very rare and indicative of severe mental illness.

Assure your children that they are safe and that their school, the community, and you, their parents, are continuously working for their safety.

On Monday, we will speak with the middle school students and review our safety drills. Please remember that all visitors must sign in at the front door and wear a visitor's badge. As always, feel free to contact any of us to voice your concerns and suggestions.


Dr. Ann Edwards, Principal
Dr. Val Salwen, School Psychologist
Members of the Pupil Support Team"


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