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A Woman in Blue for Rye

SWEARING IN MOLLE 2 011613 close up

(PHOTO: Police Officer Leila Molle. Credit: Detective John Wood, City of Rye Police Department.)

Leila M. Molle has been appointed to the position of Police Officer in the City of Rye Police Department, effective January 70, 2013. She was sworn in at Rye City Hall on Friday, January 4, 2013.

Police Officer Molle, 28, is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. A resident of Cortlandt, she follows in a family tradition: her mother, Catherine Johansen, recently retired as a Lieutenant in the Peekskill Police Department, where her stepfather, Eric Johansen, was recently appointed Chief of Police.

SWEARING IN MOLLE 1 011613 swearing

(PHOTO: City Clerk Dawn Nodarse administers the oath of office to Police Officer Leila Molle. Credit: Detective John Wood, City of Rye Police Department.)

Police Officer Molle will be assigned to the Westchester County Police Academy for basic recruit training, after which she will begin the Department’s field training program, a structured curriculum designed to familiarize newly hired officers with the community and Departmental procedures under the guidance of experienced officers.

  1. How about we spend some of that overtime loot on more cops????

    One doesn’t cut it, we need like 5 or 6!!!

    Starting salary is 54,000, we avg. 500,000 a year in overtime, half of this would pay for 5 cops.

    Then lets get a leader who “actually” leads and has higher management qualities!!!

  2. Jim one should investigate the past few hires at Rye and look at civil service hiring violations by Connors. Not the cops fault but continues to not hire Rye residents but the past few hires all have a father grandfather or Uncle who had very high ranking positions in PD’s in the regions. Just saying something smells foul. But hey Rye City Hall is in the business of braking the law and doing its own thing.


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