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Bridge, Sluice Gate, Oh My…

It will be six years this Spring since the two 2007 floods in Rye.

In recent city council minutes, these updates on the Bowman sluice gate and the restoration of the central Avenue bridge:

Sluice Gate ā€“ City Manager Pickup reported that Con Edison has completed their work and the electrician has been finishing all the electrical connections. All the mechanicals are currently functioning and there will be a two week period of testing, after which the actuators will be reprogrammed before final acceptance testing is done. It is hoped that by the end of the month [January], the Flood Action Committee will have a sense of final project issues so the project can be completed.

Central Avenue Bridge ā€“ Utility relocation is ongoing on site. Con Edison work on gas and electric is complete and Cablevision and Verizon are continuing work. The contractors have been on site and are about ready to start clearing work and will be working through the winter. The contract acceptance date for delivery remains August 18th and the contractor is still on time.


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