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No Impact Man to Visit Rye, Feb. 1st

No Impact Man is coming to Rye on February 1st. Run, walk, bike but don't drive to his talk and movie screening.

The Rye Sustainability Committee (RSC) and the Rye Country Day School Environmental Auxiliary Committee are hosting a screening of the documentary NO IMPACT MAN at Rye Country Day School on Friday, 1st of February 2013.

Imagine going a year without:  coffee, air conditioning, a car, magazines, disposable diapers, take out food and many other creature comforts we all take for granted.  Well, Colin Beavan has.  Not only did he imagine it, he lived it!

NO IMPACT MAN, the second film in our Green Screen series, follows the adventures of the Beavan family as they attempt to go “off the grid” for an entire year. Colin, his wife Michele, their two year old daughter and even their dog abandon their high consumption lifestyle and try to live in Manhattan without making an environmental impact.  During this yearlong crusade they give up: tv, newspapers, elevators, restaurants, toilet paper and shopping for new clothes, along with many other habits that are second nature.   The family walks or scooters to work, washes their laundry “by hand” and only eats food produced within 250 miles of their home.  Think they can do it? Come watch this funny and entertaining movie and find out.

Last year, our first Green Screen event showed the movie, Bag It, which started the dialogue about our over-use of plastics and ultimately led to the implementation of the retail shopping bag ordinance in Rye, the first city in Westchester County to do so.

This winter, RCDS and RSC invite you to join them at the second Green Screen event, NO IMPACT MAN, a breezy and informative film that examines consumption (large and small) and its impact on our families and our environment.

This documentary was shown at: Sundance, Los Angeles and Silverdocs Film Festivals in 2009.

The Event is open and free to the public

•    Screening Date: 1st of February 2013
•    Refreshments: 6:30pm
•    Screening Time: 7:00 pm. The film runs for 90 minutes
•    Screening Location: Rye Country Day School, Performing Arts Center
•    RCDS rates this film PG-13 for language


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