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Rye’s Steve Otis Swears He is Ready to Serve

Former Rye Mayor Steve Otis was sworn in this weekend as the area new NY State Assembyman. He replaces Rye resident George Latimer who now serves in the NY State Senate.
Otis and Wife - Copy

(PHOTO: With his wife Martha looking on, Steve Otis is sworn in as NYS Assemblyman by former Senator Suzi Oppenheimer.)
Otis Crowd - Copy

(PHOTO: A capacity crowd filled Rye City Hall on Saturday, January
12th to witness the swearing-in ceremony of NYS Assemblyman Steve Otis.)
  1. Wow! That is a rare photo op. Doug French, Steve Otis and Kevin Plunkett all together at the same time. Steve Otis and Doug French didn’t have the nerve to go against the powers to be and fix Hen Island. I bet they will get together as soon as someone gets hurt or sick from their lack of enforcement. Mr. Floatie has never been to Albany. I wonder if it’s time for him to take a trip to our Capital?

    Jack A. (Mr. Floatie’s ass-istant)

  2. Everyone of those people in that photo supporting Steve Otis at his swearing-in is corrupt. Otis was the first person that screwed me, well actually, my friends on Hen Island screwed me first, then Otis, then Plunkett, then Shew, then Ball, then Platt, then Gamache, then WBOH, then the State DEC screwed me. Then I got screwed by the NYS state courts, then the NYS appeals court, then Culross, then French, then Levitsky, then the city assessor,and then the WBOH again, then NYS DEC again, then Jovanovich, then Fillippi, then Parker, then NYS courts again, then my friends on Hen Island again and now we’re back to Otis. I didn’t even mention Tambborra, Police Commissioner Connors, Lenny Myerson, The guy after Myerson at the WBOH and the guy after that at the WBOH. And how could I forget George Lattimer. They’ve all screwed me because there all part of a well coordinated conspiracy against me. Everyone involved in the gov’t from Andrew Cuomo on down to the guy who sweeps the floors in Rye City Hall is involved.

  3. Go ahead up to Albany midget–they will love ignoring you there!!

    ” we are off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful midget from Rye (Purchase)”

    Maybe they can look to cancel some of your towing contracts!

    Let me make a call and tell them to expect your ignorant, self centered ugly ass.

    Everyday I get closer midget, everyday..

  4. Chrissy,
    You need a few anger management lessons….Learn the secret to removing negative thinking patterns and overcoming negative mental blocks that contribute to feeling down. Get success now by learning to release negative feelings and create a positive mental attitude. Please listen to Dr. Larry.

    Jack A. (Mr. Floatie’s ass-istant)

  5. I’m the only one around here with a positive mental attitude. The only negative thing I say is that the whole world is against me and there are propane tanks that have been floating just under the surface of the water of Milton Harbor for the last 21 years. Besides that I’m always positive. Just read my posts here on MyRye if you want to feel happy or look at the videos I produce, pure joy.

  6. Rumor has it that there are scientists living on Hen Island thru the winter that are working on a ballistic missile that will wipe Rye off the map. And to think that we can’t even send in the Navy Seals because Milton Harbor is mined with under-water propane IED’s. Damn those sneaky Hen Islanders!

  7. You are so correct naval mine sweeper. I saw a kid and his father skipping rocks at the Marsh Sanctuary! Didn’t fool me! They were special agents of the Hen Island Team of Doom!

    Save us Ray!!!!!!!!

  8. I’m extremely concerned Mayor French hasn’t addressed the propane tanks which have been lurking just beneath the surface of Milton Harbor since the no-name storm of 1992. As a user of Milton Harbor, I feel very fortunate I haven’t exploded into thin air yet. Additionally, I have been told by some Hen Island old-timers that they lost over 50 propane tanks in the Hurricane of 1938 and another 25 during Hurricane Donna in 1950. After over 80 years of storms and lost propane tanks from Hen Island I feel the odds are now turning against my ability to navigate Milton Harbor safely. If not now, definitely in the next 80 years , someone is going to become a toasted human marshmallow. Mayor French needs to act now to avoid a calamity.

  9. Ray, you really are in a state of total delusion.–skipping rocks is going to cause an explosion because of some supposed tanks that you allege are lurking below the waterline. Do you actually read your own posts?

    Go to Darien and audition for the munchkin part–put your talents to good use so you can exercise your boredom and entertain adults and children alike. Contribute to the community instead of these fruitless tactics Ray. We will forgive you.

  10. Midget, please include me in all those that screwed you! Please! It sounds like good company.

    Did you get all those elevator shoes ads I sent to your office? Thank me later–trying to help!

  11. “Hi All”
    In 2007 I started complaining that Hen island has never been required to meet any City of Rye building, health or safety codes.

    That included the storage of close to one hundred, 100 pound propane tanks that were tied to trees. Many of those tank were feet from playgrounds where Hen Island children played daily.

    In 2009 the City of Rye issued two pages of violations, one of which was to remove all of the stored propane tanks on the Island with the exception of the ones that were in use and secured to the homes.

    Even after they were forced to remove the dangerously stored tanks by the City and even after one of those propane tanks exploded (once again risking the lives of our first responders)

    Hen Island still failed to confirm the remaining tanks be securely fastened to the homes to avoid this exact issue from happening once again. I don’t think you need minesweepers, just a little effort and some readily available marine equipment will do the trick. But once again if the City don’t enforce the laws and codes 34 selfish homeowners will continue to jeopardize the lives of those in Rye that choose to obey the law. It not about “if” another accident is going to happen it’s “when”. Thanks for all the attention on this issue, I need you girls.

  12. Hi ALL!!

    Did I mention that my whole dock system was destroyed during Sandy and is floating around LI Sound? Yes, that’s right, a huge deck which was part of my dock system is floating around LI Sound, most likely, “lurking just below the surface”. I don’t think I mentioned that because then I’d look like a hypocrite and I don’t want anyone in Rye to know I’m not credible. Yes, there are multiple chunks of wood floating around LI Sound from my dock just waiting for one of those cigarette boats to collide with at 60 MPH. I was irresponsible when I built it and didn’t secure it enough to withstand a hundred year storm so now all of LI Sound is in danger because of yours truly.


    Our portfolio company owned the legal (Court & Commercial) newspaper of record in New Orleans. In New Orleans “everybody knew” that City Hall was corrupt. We knew it. The Times-Picayune knew it. The State and the Federal authorities knew it. Somebody just had to do the digging and set up the documents and depositions and bring the matter forward.

    In Rye we have still have the local matter known as Schubert’s Pond. And the documents and depositions (and certainly the digging) have been done. And stolen and destroyed city documents have been recovered through subpoena. And nobody in the political class wants to hear about it. And nobody wants to bring it forward, or even acknowledge that it happened. They want, instead, to pretend to “move on.”

    That’s not likely to be a successful strategy.

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Federal grand jury indicts former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on corruption charges. http://bigstory.ap.org/article/ex-new-orleans-mayor-charged-bribery-fraud

  14. How Schubert was allowed to destroy pristine wetlands by bringing in a large excavating machine with metal tracks to dig a huge hole for a pond in protected wetlands will always be one of life’s biggest mysteries. While he may have thought his pond was beautiful, I thought it was a stain on Rye. It may take Mother Nature a few hundred years to undo Shuberts’s folly but nature will make things right eventually.


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