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Bow Hunting Bambi?

Looks like we may be bow hunting Bambi soon, right here in Rye. Daffy Duck may be targeted too.

Catch this from recent Rye City Council minutes:

"Councilman Sack asked Councilwoman Parker for an update on her conversations with the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) on deer culling. Councilman Parker said she has been playing “phone tag” with the DEC who became more responsive after Assemblyman Otis contacted them. The City needs a permit from the DEC in order to have a bow hunting culling pilot program. The properties being considered are the Jay Property, Marshlands and the wooded area of the Rye Golf Club. Councilman Filippi said that permits may also be needed from people on bordering properties as well.

Councilman Sack said he had asked Corporation Counsel Wilson if it was legal for people to duck hunt in Milton Harbor and she said that it was legal pursuant to DEC law if it takes place within navigatable waters. He said there must be a way to regulate this when the waterway is narrow. Corporation Counsel Wilson said that the City Code prohibits the discharge of firearms from land and she is working with Police Commissioner Connors to make sure the current City practices are within DEC regulations. She will put the regulations together and provide them to the Police Commissioner to make sure the police can properly enforce them."

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  1. TOO FUNNY!!!

    Connors is an expert on Coyotes, Deer, Ducks, Weather!!!!

    I wonder what all the good men & women of the RPD think of their beloved boss???

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