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Got Security? Rye Middle School Does

Check out this security crew protecting the roost at Rye Middle School:

Meet the Middle School/High School Security Officers

Rolf Kohler, Jeff Fulton, and Andre Coleman

Three security officers are in place at the Middle School/High School. Rolf Koehler and Jeff Faulkner already held posts in the building, and were recently joined by new security officer Andre Coleman.

Rolf Koehler

Rolf Koehler, Head of Security, has worked in the Middle School/High School since 2011. Before to coming to Rye, he held a security role at New Rochelle High School for 9 years, prior to which he served as a sergeant for the New York City Police Department for 21 years.

Jeff Faulkner

Jeff Faulkner is in his second year at the Middle School/High School, prior to which he was a security officer at Yorktown High School through BOCES. His background additionally includes 21 years as a New York Police Department detective and six years of service in the military.

Andre Coleman

Andre Coleman comes to Rye after serving as a manager for NJB Security for the past two-and-a-half years. He is a New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) certified instructor, and spends time on weekends providing instruction and guidance to other NJB security staff. He is also studying psychology at the College of New Rochelle.


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