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Playland Meeting Attracts Over 200: See the Proposals

A Westchester legislators’ public information session on Playland revitalization on Wednesday night drew over 200 people. Playland watchers flocked to the Little Theater at the Westchester County Center for a public information session on the four proposals to revitalize Rye's Playland, the 280-acre County Park and National Historic landmark.

The info session began with trade show-style presentations from representatives of the four revitalization proposals—Sustainable Playland, Standard Amusements, Central Amusements and the Paidia Company / Legoland—and attendees spent over an hour perusing displays, talking with the various representatives and gathering flyers and other materials related to the different proposals.

The Board of Legislators moved forward last month with its evaluation of the top four proposals for the revitalization of Playland when the BOL Government Operations Committee outlined goals for the decision process and began in-depth discussions with the four Playland RFP respondents regarding proposed operations, financial viability and intended modifications to the park and infrastructure.

“The Board of Legislators has made a lot of information is available on the decision process because the revitalization of Playland will impact residents throughout the county, as well as in Rye,” said Borgia, who added that the BOL Government Operations Committee will soon make its own recommendation about which Playland proposal is right for Westchester.

Also, the BOL has retained the services of an outside auditor to review the financial aspects of all four Playland revitalization proposals.

Here are the proposals:

Sustainable Playland including

Mega Funworks

American Skating Entertainment Centers

Pinnacle Indoor Sports

Standard Amusements

Central Amusements

Paidia Company / Legoland


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