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Monday, December 5, 2022
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Snow Safety Tip

Good snow saftey tip from Encon:

For your safety, please make sure that any furnace or boiler flues and intakes are not being blocked by snow. 

In many cases the exhaust and air intake for your boiler or furnace are relatively close to ground level. The massive amount of snow we just received can cause a blockage resulting in a safety hazard. The unit could shut down, or in a worst case carbon monoxide could back up into your home or business. Please make sure that the exhaust flues and air intakes (usually next to each other if they are separate vents) are unblocked. This can be done quite simply with a snow shovel.

  1. Well, it sure feels like more than 24 hours have passed since the blizzard ended. That means all sidewalks are supposed to be clear, right? If not, the property owner is to be ticketed, right? Well, what about property for which the City is responsible? The sidewalk from Purchase/Highland along Highland over the Brook hasn’t been touched. Not a whit of snow removed as of this morning rush when many commuters have been walking in between cars on Highland to get to the station.

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