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Taking to the Streets, 501c(3) Style

Snowmageddon? Rainmageddon? Pshaw!

We've got a citizens group for that (from city council notes):

"Former Councilman Matt Fahey, 36 Franklin Avenue, spoke on the development of a Citizens’ Volunteer Corp that would help people in need during times of emergency. The group (Rye Community Emergency Response Team) asks that the Council petition the State representatives to provide liability protection for volunteers. He outlined the issues discussed by the group including training, networking, communication, establishment of shelters, and issues of confidentiality. They are looking to file as either a 501c(3) or 501c(4) organization; have elected officers and hope to accomplish goals by June."

Hey Matt, could you guys help with weather like this?:

  1. Matt- Are you running for political office this year? Just curious. The last time you took on a volunteer responsibility (when you joined the Fire Dept) you ran for Council and then quit.

    Curious Tom

  2. Tom –

    Better get your facts straight. The last time I took on a volunteer responsibility was when I ran for the City Council in 2003. I served my full term. Before that, in 2002, I volunteered on the City’s Finance Committee, where I also completed the full term.

    I signed up for the Fire Department in August of 2001, and went through the county’s Basic Training course later that year. I worked, and continue to work, in the city for a financial services firm. I normally leave Rye early in the morning and return usually after 7 or 8 PM. It really didn’t make a lot of sense to be in the Fire Department, which needs first responders within minutes, not hours.

    I do think that many residents of Rye could benefit from a CERT effort, which is why I’m working with others to build it. We welcome anyone and everyone who want to make our community safer and stronger. I’m curious, too, Tom – any chance you’d like to join us in this effort?

  3. @ Matt Fahey- When did you realize you wouldn’t be able to fulfill the commitment of the Rye Fire Department? Surely you were aware of your work hours for your job, the demands of the Department, and the potential conflict prior to joining.

    Also, you didn’t answer my question. Are you planning to run for political office this year? If so, will you run for Councilman or Mayor? Which political party? I heard you had a “falling out” with the Republicans. I’m curious. Thanks.

  4. Curious Tom –

    Interesting that you’re so fascinated about events that happened over ten years ago. Let me know if you want details about other events, further back in my life… I’m sure I could dig up my college transcripts, high school records, elementary school evaluations. Nice to know I have fans out there who are infatuated.

    As to whether or not I’ll run for City Council… I’d hate to spoil your surprise!

    And you didn’t answer my question – would you like to join in the effort to make Rye a safer and more secure place before, during, and after a disaster? Or are you the type to sit back, and do nothing but complain?

  5. Matt I wouldn’t pay much attention to our latest hidey-hole fraud “Curious Tom” here. He’s just lofting the latest political speculation talked about quietly by various moral cowards around town. As one who’s personally done the opposite of sitting back and complaining (about widespread city corruption) I am fully supportive of someone finally taking charge and getting a CVC properly established. You’ll find a strong opposite party ally in Judge Carey.

  6. Matt:

    I was wondering what your thoughts were on why French, Pickup and the current Republican majority Rye City Council ignored Judge Carey’s numerous pleas for the last 2+ years to form this community emergency “Response Team.”

    Are the Police, Fire and DPW unions a part of the discussions as to the scope of this Godzilla fighting “Response Team” as you refer to it?

  7. Matt, this is an issue on which I’ve been focused since the floods in 2006. “Every man for himself” isn’t much of a plan. Although the Rye Caring Committee does an excellent job helping individual families recover from being flooded out of their homes, it is a good idea to take preemptive measures to the extent possible. The Rye Nature Center and the Little Garden Club are working on getting native trees replanted which is an important means of retaining top soil and absorbing flood waters. Are you thinking about changing your stance on “private property” and the “right” to clear cut trees in light of our recent flood and the mass destruction of the few trees that remain in the face of a solid decade of development? It doesn’t make a lot of sense to defend the right to Belgian Block your front lawn and rip out old growth oak trees because 2,600 square feet seems “cramped” then work to prepare for the increased run off that results. Isn’t that closing the proverbial barn door after you defended citizens’ “right” to let out their cows? CERT training is vital to our city, I agree, but it has to be part of a more comprehensive effort to mitigate the effects of increasingly extreme weather. Otherwise it’s an ineffective Plan B.

  8. Curious Tom, Wry Record –

    I look forward to meeting you both in person this Saturday, at 10 AM, at the Rye Rec Center to hear your thoughts on how we might be better prepared for the next disaster. Hopefully, we won’t see another superstorm like Sandy, ever, but hope is never an effective risk management strategy… nor is complaining about the past.

  9. Matt,
    I commend and support you for your efforts. Could you please tell me what your position is on the City of Rye allowing Hen Islanders to collect and store over thirty thousand gallons of stagnant water on Hen Island. Do you feel that there is any potential threat to Rye residents as a result of this practice? Please review the attached Video ( which addresses the issue in detail )before you respond.


  10. Matt:

    I will give you my opinions now.

    Judge Carey needs to be the chairman of your group. In addition to his vast knowledge and exemplary public service, Judge Carey is the most fair minded person I know. Plus, Judge Carey was the driving force for this group from the very beginning and continued his efforts even while French and Pickup recklessly ignored his ideas and foresight. Thank God no one was killed during Sandy due to their recklessness.

    Someone needs to fire Pickup, Connors, Nodarse and Wilson ASAP. Putting aside the past for now, this would be a great start for the future of Rye and to start bringing back some of the credibility, integrity and Rye’s good name that French, Jovanovich and Filippi stole from the good people of Rye.

    If French, Jovanovich and Filippi have the b@lls to run in November, don’t support them or vote for them. They have done more damage to this town in so many ways than anyone could have ever imagined.

    If your going to try and sidestep the Police, Fire and DPW unions, not get their input and or step on their toes by trying to perform their duties, be prepared for a big, nasty and costly fight.

  11. Matt,

    Great idea. Speaking of future disasters, maybe you could talk Mr. Tartaglione into not rebuilding his dock since the last one he had may still be floating around Milton Harbor, lurking just beneath the surface waiting for some innocent boater to smash into it. Also, why don’t you have Mr. Tartaglione bring you out to Hen Island and count the gallons of stagnant water for yourself and see how much Mr. Tartaglione lies. He can’t stop lying, it’s ingrained in his DNA.

  12. Charmian et al –
    There seems to be some confusion as to what the Rye CERT effort is all about. It is a nascent volunteer effort that will focus on helping residents prepare, survive and recover from future disasters. We have petitioned the Rye City Council to work with our county and state representatives to provide liability protection for volunteers. Other states provide this liability protection for volunteer groups, and we want to ensure that well-meaning individuals who assist others in times of need are not legally exposed. The group is not interested in becoming an arm of the local government, nor are we looking to replace or challenge firefighters, policemen, or DPW workers in their duties – so we have no worries of a big, nasty and costly fight with any union.
    What we do want to provide is assistance to those in need during times of emergency, if they request it and if we’re able to assist them. There are many residents who were not adequately prepared for the storm, and who received little in the way of assistance when it was needed, primarily because of the extreme nature of the storm. It doesn’t take much imagination to foresee other instances where help might be needed. If we succeed, I think we’ll make our town a better place. If you agree, we’d love your help.
    We have not, and will not, be discussing such topics as elected and appointed officials, concerns over Hen Island, how to reduce or eliminate extreme weather, and the wisdom of government abrogating private property. While it’s nice to think you all believe we have such powers, we realize that the best way we can achieve our goals of providing assistance to those in need when a disaster hits, is to stay focused on doing just that.
    Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday, if you’re willing to work to make our town a safer and more secure place!

  13. Matt,

    You mention “prepared” several times, ABSOLUTELY one area you would not see me disagree on.

    I brought this very subject up – before, during & after Irene hit in 2011.

    I brought it up again just before SS Sandy hit. Our present Government seems very reluctant in issuing “MANDATORY” Evacs….none for Irene and a mandatory only issued during the “PEAK” of SS Sandy?

    We would be better prepared if our Gov’t would not only be prepared themselves but lead the way as well? It is my belief – If this actually took place it would enhance and create a smooth path of any and all volunteer efforts as well as lessen the need of Volunteer assistance.

    Can you please give us your thoughts/opinion on this?

  14. Jim,

    Does the government wipe your ass too? Why do you lay all responsibility for the decisions you make in your life on the government? If the government told you to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do it? Ever think of taking responsibility for your own life and listening to the National Weather Service and making your own decisions about what you should do in a situation like Irene and Sandy? Ever think of that or do you just sit in your home while the water fills up to the second floor and then blame Scot Pickup when you drown?

  15. Matt,

    There’s no issue more detrimental to life on this planet then the stagnant water on Hen Island. In fact, the only reason why the BOH hasn’t said anything about their inspections is because all the inspectors were so horrified from what they saw on the island that they haven’t spoken to anyone since. They’ve all become mute and just stare at the walls all day muttering unintelligible sounds. All the BOH inspectors have been institutionalized and are being feed massive doses of psychological drugs due to what they saw out on Hen Island. The trauma was just too much, and to add to their trauma, as the inspectors were leaving the island, they were told that propane tanks from 1992 were floating around the island and that they would probably blow up on their trip back to the mainland.

  16. Is Scott Pickup going to plow my driveway on Friday? Is Scott Pickup going to call me at 4:00 am on Fri morning so I get up a little earlier so I can get to work on time? Is Scott Pickup going to tell me to brush my teeth before I leave the house? Is Scott Pickup going to call my house and tell me what the best route is to get to work? We need bigger government.

  17. @ DEAD A** FOOL,

    When you decide to stop being a coward and put an identity behind your pathetic words I just might give you the time of day!!!

    As for Scott Pickup….all has been said and at the rate he is going we really don’t have to say much to asist him, he is doing a bang up job all by himself!!!

    FTR – I do run my own life, make my own decisions, none of which hurt the citizens of Rye, can you say that about your boy toy Scott Pickup?

  18. Dead Fool/Independently an A**,





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