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Next Year’s School Calendar

If you missed next year's school calendar, we start late – September 9th is the first day of school. So make that Cape Cod or Nantucket rental the first week of September when it is nice and peaceful…

19-23 Administrators’ Retreat
27-29 New Teacher Orientation

2 Labor Day
3, 4 Superintendent’s Conference Days
5, 6 Rosh Hashanah
9 Opening Day for Students

14 Columbus Day

5 Superintendent’s Conference Day
11 Veteran’s Day
27 2:00 p.m. dismissal
28-29 Thanksgiving Recess

10, 11, 12 Parent Conference Days
23-31, Jan. 1-3 December Recess

20 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

17-21 Mid-Winter Recess

18, 19, 20 Parent Conference Days

14-21 Spring Recess

23, 26, 27 Memorial Day Recess

21 RHS Graduation
26 Final Day for Students
27 Superintendent’s Conference Day

If it is necessary to use an emergency day during the first two months of school, November 5 will be an instructional day for students.

If it is necessary to use additional snow/emergency days, the days will be made up in the following order to meet the 180-day requirement: April 21, May 27, May 23.

If it is necessary to use an additional snow/emergency day,
June 27 will be the last day for students and June 30 will be a Superintendent’s Conference Day.

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