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Rye Playland Not Ready for Summer

Rye Playland is not ready for its summer season, still reeling from Hurricane Sandy damage, according to CBS New York:

“The Westchester County Parks Department has been working on the rides in the amusement area, but the season’s first visitors may find themselves cut off from the Long Island Sound by damaged promenades and contractor crews. The county executive insisted he can make the opening day deadline despite the delay.

“It’s a disappointment,” Rob Astorino said. “Hurricane Sandy came here and wrecked it, wrecked the boardwalk; she wrecked the Ice Casino. She wreaked havoc here, but we’re re-building. The boardwalk will be ready by the end of May.”

Not everyone is so sure. And without access to the water, residents suggest Rye Playland won’t have much of a season.”

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