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Rye Siblings Celebrate Their Brother; Raise Money for Celebral Palsy

We thought about writing a story, but the letter to MyRye.com said it better than we could. A great story about siblings doing something great to celebrate their brother. And raise some money for a cause in the process. Roles models for the rest of us:

Finn w family small

(PHOTO: Dillon, age 17; Finn, age 8; Shane age 10 Tatum age 15.)

Mr. Sears, Our names are Dillon and Tatum Kelly. 

We go to Rye High School and are in 11th and 9th grades respectively.  About five months ago we began a journey that we thought might be a good community story for the myrye.com.We have a ten year old sister and an eight year old brother.  Our eight year old brother was born 11 weeks early and suffered a brain injury and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.  Cerebral Palsy is a condition that effects people in a variety of ways.  My brother, Finn, is not able to walk or talk.  Cognitively we are not sure as he is unable to communicate with us in the spoken word.  He can however express his feelings, his likes and dislikes quite easily. 

Through the years our lives have been affected by having a special brother.We have met so many wonderful special children and people that havededicated their lives to helping children with Cerebral Palsy.  This is where our recent journey begins.  We wanted to help our brother. 

One day we googled cure for Cerebral Palsy. We stumbled upon a Livestrong website that suggested running a race to raise money for a charity. We, friends and family of Finn Kelly, will be running in the Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon on March 23rd. There will be a dozen runners running for team Finn, and over 75 spectators for team Finn will line the roads of Sleepy Hollow that day.

After researching what organization would be the beneficiary, we decided on Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation. We were especially excited about this particular organization because to our knowledge they are the only group researching a cure for Cerebral Palsy.  We have spoken to the CEO/ President and they will be publicizing about our fundraising efforts ontheir website. 

As of today we are happy to say that we have raised over $30,000.00. We would love to have you share with the community information about donating, but also share our family's story. We are lucky to live in Rye where neighbors come together to support one another. 

You can view thewebsite that we created at giveforward.com/findacureforfinn.

Dillon and Tatum Kelly

  1. WOW!!! Kids are so special & resilient. Incredible story of love & strength.

    Good work Dillon & Tatum!

    Never let anyone get in the way of your love & support for Finn!!!

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