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Speaking French: Mayor’s Update – 1037, Laboring

Here is the next edition of Speaking French, the Mayor's Update.

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City Council Updates from Mayor Douglas French

1037 Boston Post Road Site Deal Finalize

The City Council has accepted an offer and agreed to terms to sell the City-owned property for $5.6M to a family-owned real estate company who would like to refurbish the building and rent to a high-end retail establishment.  The sale once closed restores the City’s fund balances, maintains some parking, and puts the property back on the tax rolls.

Labor Negotiations Update

For the last five years, the City and the Rye Police Benevolent Association (PBA) have been in negotiations over a new labor agreement. Despite many attempts to resolve outstanding issues, we are at an impasse and have proceeded to binding arbitration.  The last collective bargaining agreement between the City and the PBA covered 2003-2008 and resulted on average a 3% per year (15% cumulative) salary increase with no increased employee contribution to health insurance or other benefits.  The PBA has proposed a 3% increase for two years, a 6% cumulative salary increase, with no increased employee contribution to health insurance or other benefits.

What It Means

Under such an agreement, the base patrolman top pay would increase from $84,712 in 2008 to $92,567 in 2011. If this same percentage increase continues to 2013, the new base pay would be $98,204.  If the cost for Health Insurance and Pension is added to the patrolman top grade salary, the base compensation for this employee would rise to $144,630 in 2013.  The cost of health insurance for a full-year family plan has increased from an annual premium of $16,524 in 2008 to $22,464 in 2013. The cost of the 36% increase has been absorbed by the City since officer contributions have been capped at 4% of gross salary during this period. This has decreased the percentage share of total health insurance expense paid by a patrolman from a contribution rate of 20.51% of a family plan premium in 2008 to a 15.08% contribution rate for a family plan premium in 2013.  The cost for the City to maintain an officer in the New York State Retirement system has increased from a pension contribution rate of 14.50 % of salary in 2008 (approximately $12,283 per year) to 28.40% in 2013 (approximately $24,058 per year).

The City’s Proposal

The City of Rye has proposed a fair wage increase in the range of 2% per year accompanied by increased employee contributions to health insurance and a more flexible step plan for new hires. The City's proposal reflects the current economic realities facing the City and is consistent with increases negotiated with other bargaining units in Rye and in neighboring communities. The range of salary increase that is possible will depend on whether certain options are chosen, such as adding a health insurance contribution for the 12 non-contributing officers (12 current officers) or a less than fully retroactive pay agreement. Salary increases are permanent and compound with benefits such as pension, overtime and holiday pay which are based on salary, and increase labor costs even further.

Other City Employees

Rye City Management employees and non-union employees have received the following modest changes in compensation: 2%, 0%, 2% non-pensionable bonus, 1.5% increase effective June 1, and 1.75% increase effective June 1st.  The most recent settlements with the CSEA DPW covered 2010 and 2011, with a wage freeze for the first six months of the contract year. Wage increases were 2% per year.  The CSEA Clerical Unit also has a 3-year agreement (2011-13) with a wage freeze in the first 30 months of the agreement term, with a 2% increase in the final 6 months. This agreement also increased the cap on the employees’ health insurance contribution to 5% of base pay.  The UFFA (Fire Department) has a contract agreement, which has been expired since 12/31/09.

The City of Rye, in order to achieve financial sustainability, must find a way to balance dramatically increased benefit costs, along with higher salaries, while working within the mandated tax cap. That is why we continue to seek contracts — not just for the Police — that will lessen the impact of higher benefits costs. We esteem the contributions Rye employees make to our safety and well being; and we respect the need to limit the tax burden on Rye residents.

Mayor French and the Rye City Council

  1. $150,000 is base total cost for a Rye cop ?

    and you wonder why your taxes are on moon and we have to issue bonds to get the crumbling streets paved ?

    and nobody in Rye blinks or asks a question .

  2. So divman factoring in healthcare, pension and other benefits yes it comes out to about that. Ask what a cop actually takes home after all the deductions of taxes, union fee and 25% to healthcare in Rye contract? Some of the cops who do live in Rye are certainly not living in any large homes. Cops are only allowed to live in certain county’s. So what they take home and with a family of lets say 3, I don’t think its a lot at all. People have to pay for protection somehow. Cops put there lives on the line 24/7 365. So you want to pay the cops 75,000 total? they take home then under $4,000 a month to live. And yes ok factor in a wife who may be working but could be home taking care of the kids, because if she does work and if you have young ones then you have to pay for daycare. Lets say she makes 70,000 a year. Most cops do not marry a wall street women making $200,000. Not saying no cop does but assuming based on knowledge. So please tell me Divman how much do you think they should get paid? Honestly? because cost of living around here is doesn’t allow a cop even making a $100,000 to live so comfortably. Those that do live in Rye and are cops work damn hard and cut cost to save. Rye pushed out the middle class, cleared more and more land and took away open space to keep building mansions. So my point is with all the wealthy people who have taken over Rye they can pay the cops, FF and DPW workers. It’s why all these people moved to Rye. Yes don’t get me wrong a great community and safe but thats what you pay for to be here. If you can afford it great if you can’t then I guess out of luck. Real estate prices judges who can come and go not the govt. although they are trying. Maybe if city hall didn’t stuff their pockets then the city would have more money in the coffers. I mean come on $7 million did go missing. Don’t hate me for stating the facts. $7mill can sure pay for a few projects in the town. just saying

  3. Need Change,

    Your words:

    “So my point is with all the wealthy people who have taken over Rye they can pay the cops, FF and DPW workers.”
    “People have to pay for protection somehow.”


    Pay because you got it and not because we deserve it or earned it????

    How many months and years did I shout for before someone actually “heard me”????

    Who is that Cop protecting in Greenwood everyday?

    Who are the cops protecting when they are sitting in the Rec and allowing speeding thru our School Zone?

    Who are those same cops protecting when they sit in front of Midland School and do NOTHING as vehicles speed by them well above 20 0r 30mph??

    And above all, when will the cops be “protecting” our schools full of “our children”????

  4. >

    so how does Greenwich and Darien and Westport survive with property taxes 40-50% lower than Rye and towns equally as safe and kids getting into top colleges ?

    Trust me , the wealthy in Rye did not get rich wildly overpaying for anything .

    Rye property taxes are higher than just about anywhere in USA . $150k cops and average teacher total compensation up in 6 figures is precisely why these taxes are on moon and there is no money left over to pave roads , fix sidewalks .

    By the way : do you think everybody in Rye who works in private sector making a mere $100k isn’t having same taxes removed from their paycheck as the police and teachers ? And whose fault is it but theirs they have union dues yanked from their checks ? Cry me a river on that silly argumant


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