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French Will Not Run Again for Mayor, According to Reports

Rye Mayor Doug French will not run for re-election this fall, according to a statement he released. The statement was not sent to MyRye.com, but to other media. We have asked for a full copy of the statement and will post it when available.

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update 4-10:

here is the Mayor's full statement:

"Given the demands of my career, I cannot commit to another 4 years as Mayor, but volunteer public service is what we do in Rye so I will continue to be active — just not in the top job.

Most working business professionals through the years in Rye only serve 4 and not 8 years.  The first question I asked was, do I want to do it — and the answer is yes.  Serving Rye is an honor and great fun to give back something larger than yourself.   The second question is, can I do it for another 4 years — and the answer is no.  The 12 to 13 hours a day in and out of NYC plus business travel makes it impossible to sustain for another 4.  If it were 2-year terms like other munis, then I would.

For the balance of my term, the focus will be to continue to strengthen the City's financial position and finalize the 4-year plan, continue the implementation of the rebuilding Rye initiative — roads, sidewalks, sewers, and flood mitigation, to complete emergency preparedness planning and communication, to finalize the City Code revision project, and to re-structure the RGC and Boat Basin operations for the long-term."

Douglas French
Mayor, City of Rye


  1. I think Doug French is one of your biggest bloggers on this site, under a few different names including “investigate Vinnie’s death”.

    On another note; I would like to personally thank Doug. That decision was one of the best moves you could have made. You saved the entire community, the Republican Party and your family a heck of a lot of embarrassment. ATTA Boy!!!!

    One last thought, Now that French has left Pickup to swim in the sea of corruption by himself, with no life preserver. If whoever is running, uses a platform of investigating Scott Pickup, it’s guaranteed to be a shoe in.

  2. Boss Ray already running the city of Rye. You own Joe Sack and you may have to buy the Democratic candidate for Mayor.

    Citizen of Rye are you, even when you have your MAIN residence elsewhere.

  3. A few questions for Boss Ray Tartaglione.

    Do you take your star exemption from your Hen Island site or do you take it from your Portchester residence?

    If you take it from your Portchester residence then you cannot be a resident of Rye.

    You cannot take a Star exemption from your Hen Island site, for to do would be illegal and for that matter you cannot deduct from Income tax any monies you paid to Hen Island Corporation, BECAUSE:
    The land on Hen Island is owned
    by a non profit corporation. You own shares of stock in that corporation (as do the other people who SUMMER on Hen Island.)
    You have some sort of agreement
    to enjoy a place on Hen I.
    Its like country camp site,which you own and you have an investment in the coporation that owns the land. You pay no taxes.. the corporation pays the tax.
    “Carpet bagger…go vote in Rye and I am sure it will be rightfully challanged.

  4. Hello Rye Wit,

    A couple things—your information regarding STAR is not accurate as you present it. There may be more about Hen Island as a corporation of which I’m unaware, but I lived in a co-op and was able to take STAR legally. As a matter of fact, two older adults in the co-op got extended STAR.

    As for Ray Tartaglione, I don’t know how much money he makes, but I’m assuming he is quite comfortable financially. That being said, he might not be able to collect the STAR exemption. Many people no longer can because for the last couple years it’s been based on income. However, where you take the STAR exemption, is not necessarily connected to where you vote. That leads me to my next point.

    New York State allows voters with two residences to vote from whichever they choose. Many New Yorkers vote from weekend homes in the Hudson Valley or on the East End of Long Island. The courts have found that to be legal.

    Taking a STAR at one home and voting from the other hasn’t been ruled illegal. The point is you can only vote from 1 residence and you have to have a legitimate connection to that residence. I think Ray Tartaglione, even his worse detractors would admit, has a legitimate connection to Hen Island.

    Finally—to Chris Henn—you know I took your side in 2009 when I thought that Ray and others, on behalf of Change for Rye, were being unfair to Steve Otis and the men on his ticket. I thought then, and have been proven right now, that we were making a mistake voting those men out of office.

    Since then there has been a lot of stuff on My Rye bordering on wacky. For example, the stuff about Ray being short. What’s up with that? I’m 5’2″ and although I’d like to be taller, it’s not a character flaw. Besides, is he really short? I’ll have to take a look at the next council meeting but it’s tough unless he’s standing next to someone else.He doesn’t seem short to me. I mean, he’s no Andy Pettitte, but who is?

    Yeah, I know I called tedc a cross dresser, but only after he made reference to my “skirt” —and besides, as a liberal, I don’t have a problem with cross dressing. Some of those men are quite stunning. ; )

    But, you guys have gone to far. Ray Tartaglione doesn’t “own” me, I’ve shown that, and I live in Rye. You exaggerate his power and influence. If what you say is true, he could get you guys to clean up that island, right — which wouldn’t kill you, honestly.

    Tartaglione was wrong to support Doug French et al, but I think he knows that now. French was wrong to promise him he’d do more regarding Hen Island to get his support, then treating him as a pariah once elected.

    So let’s hope the next Mayor can resolve this issue. In the mean time, I took your side against those guys—and signed my name. You should remember the blow back I got.

    So I’m asking you to lay off the silly stuff which just makes the blog unpleasant to read. There are fewer trolls here than on Patch, but sniping in general only encourages others to take another look at Tartaglione’s mosquito and sewage videos — which are a little disturbing.

  5. @Charmian Neary

    You write:

    “Ray Tartaglione doesn’t “own” me, I’ve shown that….. You exaggerate his power and influence.”

    then you write:

    “So let’s hope the next Mayor can resolve this ( Hen Island ) issue.”

    SO let’s just say he has influence over you and you don’t even know it! To prove he has no influence over you, please state what “issue” does the Mayor need to resolve?

  6. Now that Mr. Flotie is registered to vote in Rye, I’m sure he can now run for Mayor or City Council. Only then will we really have a referendum on his agenda and what the people of Rye think of the turd.

    Flotie for Mayor!!!!!

  7. Charmian,
    Thanks for the backing but I am a little disappointed that you don’t think I look like Andy Pettitte. Truth is I would not know Andy if he was standing next to me. I never did get the baseball thing.

    On another note readers should be aware; there are only two types of bloggers that would respond every time I comment on this site.

    1.) Those from Hen Island that have motives that would attempt to lead the public into believe that Hen Island is not polluting Milton Harbor and breeding mosquitoes.
    2.) Those that are members of the French administration and wish to continue the cover-up above.

    At this point in time it is obvious that Hen Island is polluting our waters and the mosquito infestation is jeopardizing the lives of our children that attend summer activities at the clubs opposite Hen Island and in Green Haven. Last summer’s positive West Nile test results shows the proof is in the pudding (water). If anyone believes the fake Health Department report that requires us to empty bird baths in Rye but allows Hen Island to collect 33,000 gallons of stored stagnant water under the BS that it is covered, they need to return to common sense school. The real question is why Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Brett and Mrs. Killian are not concerned? As in the Scott Pickup fiasco, their silence condones Doug French’s objectives and we all know Doug French’s threshold for common sense by now.

  8. Dear A**WIPE (aka F. SHILL),

    You Wrote:
    “please state what “issue” does the Mayor need to resolve?”

    This Mayor and EVERY MAYOR needs to RESOLVE EVERY ISSUE!!!

    No worries, when Joe is elected our next Mayor all you will have left to do is to pay close attention to witness how it is suppose to be done!!!

  9. @Jim Amico

    You said the same thing about French. French was supposed to be the great alternative to Otis. Your credibility is shot. Obviously, you have no clue. Until some Mayor has the power to harass Hen Island into putting utilities out there every Mayor will be embarrassed from office. Joe Sack won’t be able to make Mr. Flotie happy either. If you knew your ass from your elbow, you would know the Mayor doesn’t really have any power and won’t be able to satisfy Mr. Flotie’s demands. BTW, I don’t think you’ll see Joe Sack run for Mayor.

  10. Still waiting to hear from Charmian Neary. We’re waiting to find out what “issue” hasn’t been solved on Hen Island which the Mayor needs to solve. Until she does, we can assume she is just being influenced by Mr. Flotie contrary to what she believes.

  11. @ A**WIPE (aka-you never learn),

    YOUR PATHETIC!!! At least I am man enough to owe up to being wrong(not my choice) & always stand behind my words….unlike your cowardly A**!!!

    Doesn’t take much to talk from out the other side with no identity…have at it coward!

  12. Oh Please, is this guy French serious, besides his sidekicks who in the world wants to hear this load of c**p???

    His career??? That is the first time I have ever heard anyone publically bow out of any volunteer position for the reasons this man is stating!!!

    We all have careers, jobs, businesses, a personal life, we all find time because our heart is in the right place.

    This is what his statement should really read:

    “Given the demands of the City, I cannot commit to another 4 years as Mayor, but volunteer public service is what you all do in Rye so I will not get in the way of that.
    The first question I asked was, do I want to do it — and the answer is yes. The second question I asked was, can I do it, and that answer is no, I do not possess the honesty of such a honorable position! Serving Rye is an honor and great fun to give back something larger than yourself, I just wish I had the heart and knowledge to make this happen, sadly I do not!

    For the balance of my term, the focus will be to continue to destroy Rye & support all the corruption set in motion by our City Manager and his female sidekick. I promise to continue to embarrass my wife & children and take advantage of all of Rye.

    It’s been real, catch me if you can…suckas!”

    Douglas French
    Mayor, City of Rye

  13. Mr. Flotie,

    I have addressed the issue and the BOH told me that the mosquitoes are from the mainland where all those clubs you mention reside. The BOH thinks Hen Island is being infected by the mainland, not the other way around but since you mentioned it, why don’t you take tour mosquito infected water tanks off Hen Island since your so passionate about the problem? I haven’t heard any talk of you taking YOUR WNV incubators off Hen Island so I assume your just being disingenuous. You have done NOTHING to personally solve the problems you claim exist on Hen Island. You still have thousands of gallons of water stored next to your house. I know you’re waiting for Joe Sack to make you take your water tanks off Hen Island because there’s nothing more a communist like Joe Sack would love to do than to use the government tell people how to run their lives.

  14. I see from the headline article today that Mr. Flotie has “teached the children well”. Are you taking heed Mr. Amico? We’re turning our children into little Flotie’s. That really stinks, and I mean STINKS.

  15. @ When will you learn,

    This is like an after hour comedy show!!!

    Now it’s the clubs infecting Hen Island, that’s rich!!!

    HOW SO???
    Can’t wait to hear this one, lay it on us!!!


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