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Rye School Security “In a Good Position” According to Experts

Earlier this in year in the wake of Newtown, Rye City Schools hired a security firm to review school procedures. At a recent Board of Ed meeting, the firm provoded an update saying the district is in a "good position" while it proceeds with more security work.

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Here are the board notes:

"Marcus DePontes and Erroll Brudner of StoneGate Associates, the District's security firm hired earlier this year, provided a presentation on their assessment of the District's security measures. They explained that the District is already in a good position with its emergency management procedures and can now take steps toward the next level.

StoneGate has conducted teacher training and met with school security officers, District officials, police officers and community members. Next, StoneGate will be training principals in the management of security situations and will provide parents with emergency management cards outlining ways to obtain the correct information during an emergency. Additionally, StoneGate is re-writing the District's Emergency Management Plan."

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  1. I attended the most recent BOE Meeting where Stonegate gave their “VERY THOROUGH” presentation.
    In this presentation they spoke of new and or temporary crossings, pedestrian walkways, traffic flow, keeping the children from any interactions with work crews, etc, etc, etc.
    This meeting was very imformative & highly important….SADLY NOT ONE CITY STAFF, COUNCIL, MAYOR, OR COMMISSIONER WAS PRESENT!!!

    Back in November our City Council budgeted $30,000 for the hiring of “2 NEW CROSSING GUARDS”. Since that time they have spoke of hiring “community service workers” & now we hear rumbles of “outsourcing” this responsibility, and yet still NO CROSSING GUARDS???

    If the individuals in Office & on Staff(Pickup & Connors) really give a hoot for the safety of our children a second child would not have been nearly killed at a location where a child was previously killed at, these individuals would have been present at a “very important & informative” BOE Meeting, and we would have “crossing guards” at our 2 busiest school crossings!

    If you watch the most recent City Council Meeting you will hear Scott pickup tell us all how “concerned” he is….LMAO!!!

    These individuals are playing a very serious dangerous game with the lives of our children….WHEN DOES THIS NONSENSE END???

  2. Mr. Amico,

    The nonsense will end when Mayor “Bozo the Clown” French finishes his term or gets brought out in handcuffs prior to 12/31/2013.

    With French, Jovanovich and Filippi gone, hopefully Pickup, Connors, Wilson, Toomey and Nodarse follow French out the door on 12/31/2013 or better yet also in handcuffs with French prior to the end of the year.

    Here’s wishing you an early Happy New Year!

  3. Jim,
    You can add the lack of pedestrian and child safety to Doug French’s Legacy. If he doesn’t care about the increased exposure to West Nile Virus that effects hundreds of Children that swim and sail along the shores of Milton Harbor all summer long, why would you expect him to be at the meeting?

  4. Hill v. Jovanovich McGraw-Hill,

    Interesting comment you posted on April 29, 2013 at 12:01 PM. My question is, after I lost the 2011 RGC election by a few votes, and Scott Yandrasevich claiming that the number of votes each candidate received is confidential, naturally I called Dawn Nodarse myself to inquire and left a message. The next call I received less than a minute later was from Yandrasevich himself asking why I called the City Clerk Nodarse. Does any one but me see anything wrong with this picture…?????

  5. Hey Henn,

    There is a reason the last 2 Administrations get what they get, it’s called an “INVITATION”!!!

    If I was on that DAIS no one would be coming at me in any negative manner – I wouldn’t give them a reason!!!

  6. Running for City Council this November, this Thursday, I am beginning a series of “park bench meetings” (one on one or in groups) to discuss and collect residents concerns. Time is between 11:00 AM and 2:30 PM; venue is the Village Green (what a fitting place). To book your time slot, email at psl@iviewitholdings.com and I will confirm. This Thursday, May 2 is fully booked.

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