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City Council Candidate Threatened

Rye City Council candidate P. Stephen Lamont reported this afternoon he was threatened by telephone. His report, sent in email:

"Candidate Lamont Threatened!

At 12:32 P.M. on the afternoon of Friday, May 3, I received a call from a “Private Number.”  Answering, a man’s voice stated “discontinue your run for the Council or your little boy might never play soccer of dive again.”  The caller then hung up.  I have neither filed a police report nor called the FBI hotline, and I have no such plans to do so. Why? I DO NOT react to intimidation, period.  Factually, it has the opposite effect.

As has been reported, I am the CEO of Iviewit Holdings, Inc., where we hold the patent rights to the most important inventions in the history of multimedia technology.  As such, we have many enemies and this has happened before (BB guns pellets against a window) .

Best Regards,

P. Stephen Lamont
Chief Executive Officer
Iviewit Holdings, Inc."


  1. Good for you PSL. No threats mean you’re no threat to them. Welcome to the creep show some here will slither into just to feel powerful when they’ve lost it.

    (Rare Shameless Plug Alert. My commentary here is almost exclusively Rye focused, but every once in a while a national issue has a relevant Rye angle. Our firm has a substantial interest in Rasmussen Reports and its affiliate, Pulse Opinion Research.)

    Rye Patch, MyRye and LausDeo10580 readers may recall my Rye City Council “help wanted” ad of a few weeks ago –


    Based on the feedback I’ve gotten to date the “ad” has worked well, in its own way encouraging a number of people to begin quiet (and some less quiet) moves to explore running for office without seeking “blessings” of any of our remaining local political class gatekeepers, now disgraced. More I expect will be coming forth shortly as certain stories in the latest edition of The Rye Record (available online now) are digested and personal decisions to step up get made.


  2. But back to the ad, I make a point of discussing the interaction between our political class gatekeepers and our current sorry state of corruption and the patronage and special privileges that have fanned it. Turns out that we in Rye are not alone – and the trends are national. It just makes sense.
    “Voters Don’t Like Political Class Bossing Them Around”
    “There are many ways to describe the enormous gap between the American people and their elected politicians. Most in official Washington tend to think that their elite community is smarter and better than the rest of us. Many hold a condescending view of voters and suggest that the general public is too ignorant to be treated seriously. Only 5 percent of the nation’s voters, however, believe that Congress and its staff members represent the nation’s best and brightest.”
    Read the rest here while it’s still outside our pay wall –
    (and Cablevision subscribers please consider tuning in on Channel 10 at 10:30 AM every Sunday for “What America Thinks, “our weekly half-hour national TV show – “Where Public Opinion is the Star.” )
    Jeeze that last part was truly shameless…

  3. Jay – TypePad is acting up again. Longer comments don’t post so must be broken up. This one below from me is in reverse order from bottom to top. I had a complaint about this from someone who’s not been on MyRye (but wants to comment) at the Astorino Town Hall on Wed nite.


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