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Myers Retiring? Parker Exiting Council to Run for Westchester Legislature? More at 11am!

We'll know more later today, but it looks like Rye City Councilwoman Catherine Parker, in addition to wanting to be a millionaire, also wants to be a Westchester pol.

Rye City's current Westchester rep Judy Myers – eight years on the job – is making a "special announcement" at 11am today. And our friends down in Larchmont at the loop are rumoring that Myers is exiting and Catherine Parker plans to gun for her seat.

Here is the MyRye.com interview Parker did back in 2007 when she ran for council the first time. She won re-election in 2011 in a real nail bitter vs challenger Rafael Elias-Linero.

Here is the "pre-announcement announcement"…

***Media Advisory for TOMORROW—Thursday, May 2***
***Legislator Judy Myers to Make Special Announcement Regarding Future Plans***

White Plains, NY – Westchester legislator Judy Myers (D-Larchmont), chair of the Westchester County Board of Legislators (BOL) Budget & Appropriations Committee, will be holding a press conference TOMORROW—Thursday, May 2 at 11 AM in Mamaroneck to discuss her future plans and BOL service.

Legislator Myers represents the County’s 7th Legislative District, which includes City of Rye, portions of the Towns of Rye and Harrison, plus the Villages of Larchmont and Mamaroneck the Town of Mamaroneck and part of New Rochelle.

Who: Legislator Judy Myers, elected officials, community BoardSeal-Blue&Orange.jpgleaders, residents

What: Special announcement regarding Legislator Myers’s future plan

When: TOMORROW—Thursday, May 2 at 11 AM

Where: Mamaroneck Town Center, 40 West Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, NY



    Nemo is a Latin word meaning “no man” or “no one” which has been widely expropriated for fictionalized story characters and titles by many including Charles Dickens, Jules Verne and Walt Disney Productions (multiple times). In politics a Nemo is a candidate vessel into which the electorate may project their aspirations and expectations unreservedly, focusing on narrative rather than actual accomplishments or legislative track record. A Nemo candidate thus seeks to attract affinity voter blocks and aspirants willing to avoid reflection on history and instead place emphasis on life story and likability. We therefore see some of the most successful practitioners of Nemo election strategies propelled by the willingly ignorant but highly organized into some of the highest offices in the land only to later see them succumb to problems easily avoided if track record and character had anything to do with competency for that same office in the first place.

    Today, May 2, 2013, it is expected that somewhere just south of Rye a public ceremony disguised as a press conference will take place in which an respected credible politico will give way to a candidate that their joint political party hopes will, come November, be able to re-secure that seat in the legislature needed to present a credible bargaining force to an opposing party’s “reform” program. Without touching on the distinctive election brand strategies of any political tribe here I believe it’s a fitting moment to consider the fitness of today’s latest Nemo inductee (who hails from Rye) and who has participated in commercial and public life for several years now. And rather than me framing the issues and questions let me simply extract the partial list of questions sent to the new Nemo by another long time Rye reformer this very morning. It has that certain muzzle velocity longtime reformers of Rye City’s now rampant corruption have come to expect:

    “I hear you are running for County Legislator. I was wondering how you thought the following issues would weigh on your campaign. Specifically, not credibly doing anything about these issues as they presented themselves and some still to this day not doing anything credible:

    1. Rye Golf Club.
    2. Andrew Dapolite.
    3. Hen Island.
    4. Bob Schubert.
    5. Boat Basin.
    6. Scott Pickup’s lies.
    7. More Scott Pickup lies.
    8. Even more Scott Pickup lies.
    9. Police uniform bids.
    10. Our roads are a nightmare.
    11. Improperly taking $5,000,000 form City of Rye operating funds to pay off 1037 Boston Post Road.
    12. O. Paul Shew’s firing and lawsuit.
    13. No performance evaluations for Scott Pickup for 3 years violating the employment agreement.
    14. Connors working for Toomey, Novak and at the very least the Town and Village of Southampton.
    15. Connors running a kid over apparently while on his City of Rye cell phone.

    I could list more but maybe we can start with these. Thank you.”

  2. So Councilwomen Parker as a voter that is independent please tell me why I should vote for someone coming from a corrupt city council? Please run through the list of 15 items listed above by Ted C and explain. Remember you are now trying to win the votes of people outside of Rye. Anyone running against you just has to list these items in a campaign and can sit back and easily win.

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