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Mehler: Says He is in City Council Race, Again

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Jason Mehler announced his candidacy for Rye City Council – again. He originally announced his intention in April.

Most interesting in the announcement below is Mehler completely omitted mention of his wife Carin, who is one of the Osborn teachers who has been on administrative reassignment in regards to allegations of "improper coaching"of students during standardized testing.

His bio back in April included: "Married to Carin L. Mehler (4th grade teacher at Osborn School in Rye, NY – Rye City School District – since 1998)".

He states he is running on the Independence and Democratic ticket.

Here is a copy of his email announcement:


"Re:  Rye resident Jason L. Mehler plans to run for the City Council in the election this November.

“It is time for a serious debate about our future and I intend to offer a campaign of substance and ideas.”

I will be running for position of Rye City Council on the Independence and Democratic Party lines in the fall.

I want to be part of the process to “Make Rye Better”. My extensive financial background and understanding of budgeting, employment issues, financial statement and cash flow analysis will be a great addition in helping the council with its essential task of fiscal accountability. I believe that my experience, coupled with my passion to keep Rye’s local government strong, will help me bring new ideas and new solutions to the Rye City Council.

I currently serve on the Rye Town Park Advisory Committee and the Rye Recreation Commission.

I am fully committed to serving all of the people of Rye.

As a parent, homeowner, resident and someone who works in this great city, I want to assist in the process to make Rye the best place to live, visit, work and raise a family.

I would consider it a privilege and honor to serve on the Rye City Council.

Being on the Rye City Council will be my number one priority. I will make sure that I am well informed on all issues facing Rye, will pay attention to details and will participate in discussions and express my opinions when voting.

– Rye City resident since 2000
– Fulltime Realtor, Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty, Rye, NY (10 years) – Licensed Associate Broker
– 2 Daughters (Emily 10 & Rachel 8) – both currently attend Rye City Schools
– Rye Town Park Advisory Committee – reappointed to a three year term (expires 1/1/2016)
– Rye Recreation Commission – appointed to a three year term (expires 1/1/2016)

Jason L. Mehler
Walker Avenue


  1. IB:
    It appears Mr. Sears is pointing out that Mr. Mehler omitted the information from his press release this time around as opposed to his last press release months ago when he included it.

    I am not sure of the relevance either way. Mr. Sears might want to explain why he found that part of the announcement “most interesting.”

    Since Mr. Mehler’s announcement that he is running on the (D) line didn’t come from the Democrat Party, LD10580 has emailed and asked Rod Brown, Democrat Chair, to comment on this story.

    The Republicans on the other hand…


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