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Rye Beaches Remain Closed

Rye Beaches remain closed due to a "an ongoing sludge force main break" – from Westchester County:

Boating and Swimming Advisory for Part of LI Sound Near Rye

Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 July 2013 09:42

July 15, 2013 — As a precaution, the Westchester County Department of Health is advising all recreational boaters and swimmers in Rye Harbor, Milton Harbor and Greenhaven, in Rye, and in Mamaroneck Harbor to avoid contact with Long Island Sound until further notice due to an ongoing sludge force main break. There will be no swimming at these beaches Tuesday and until further notice: Beach Point Club, Orienta Beach Club, Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club, Shore Acres Pointe and Harbor Island Park Beach, all in Mamaroneck; and American Yacht Club, Shenorock Shore Club, Coveleigh Club and Greenhaven Association, all in Mamaroneck.

An underground force main break near Blind Brook has released sludge close to where the Blind Brook empties into Long Island Sound, in the vicinity of the Rye Marina on Stuyvesant Avenue near Milton Road in Rye. The Westchester County Department of Environmental Facilities took the force main out of service at about 2:15 p.m., but repair efforts are hindered by high tide. Low tide begins at about 4:30 a.m. tomorrow and the Department's contractor will be on site at that time to begin repairs. It is not known how much sludge has entered Long Island Sound due to the force main break.

The county health department will sample the water Tuesday. Once results are received and evaluated, at the earliest on Wednesday afternoon, the health department will determine whether to reopen the beaches and lift the advisory or to sample the water again.

  1. Move along people nothing to see here. We’ve got more important things to do like making sure Hen Island doesn’t conserve precious potable water by using rain barrels for their gray water. If Mr. Flotie says sewers are the answer then it must be true.

  2. “using rain barrels for their gray water” How about using rain barrels for their domestic water. Gray water does not include water used for washing dishes, showering, etc..

    Below is the last city council meeting where a number of professionals spoke about the stored water on Hen Island and how it is threatening the lives of Rye residents and children. Try watching it, you might get an education.


  3. Ray, Hen Island is not an issue that has high priority on my list; hence the lack of posts from me on this issue. I do understand that there are issues that you bring up that impact a lot of people, and for that I applaud you. But why do you care if someone is using ‘gray water’ to wash dishes or shower? Yes, to me it is disgusting, but I’m assuming that you are not eating at their house anyway.

  4. Why would Pickup and French be sending the BOH to the Island every other week when who seasonally lives there but the EXPOSED Louse Dumas/friend and neighbor of French/Hen Island polluter/urinator on tents of young girls camping/libelous, slanderous, assaulting, gutless individual such as Ed Volpe. Gloves are OFF, Mr. Fireman.

  5. Average Citizen writes:

    “But why do you care if someone is using ‘gray water’ to wash dishes or shower?”

    Do I really have to answer that question? Ok, I will. Because Mr. Tartaglione wants to run utilities from the mainland to Hen Island and if can’t show Hen Island is breaking some health code or building code the City won’t require Hen Island to run utilities out there.

  6. 1) There is no Rye BOH Mr know it all. 2)”Gray water” is what it is called after it is used. So before all you EXPERTS comment for your own self interests please do some research so you don’t make an ass out of yourself.

  7. D writes :

    “There is no Rye BOH Mr know it all”

    The Westchester County BOH is the health arm of the Rye City government. Logically, it’s just an extension of Rye City Government and the Rye City government isn’t fooling anyone by passing off a complaint to their Health arm while hoping the people are stupid enough to believe that it isn’t the Rye Government inspecting Hen Island. Logically, it’s the Rye government inspecting Hen Island. They ain’t fooling anyone.

  8. D writes:

    “2)”Gray water” is what it is called after it is used”

    Yes, you are correct but domestic water usually isn’t broken into 2 distinct water classifications because most permanent residences use their potable water for all water uses. On Hen Island, the potable water’s source is a totally different source than the source for domestic water.


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