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Rye Planning Commish: Parking, Gas, Food and a Teardown

Interesting items on the Planning Commish meeting Tuesday:

The Osborn Home gunning for more parking; the BP gas station on the Post Road by the Rye Mamaroneck border being re-done; restaurant use for 67 Purchase; and former Rye City Councilman Duncan Hennes tearing down his home to build a new one.

Details below. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

July 23, 2013 7:00 PM
Held in the City Council Hear ing Room of the Rye City Hall


1. 101 Theall Road (continued)
Required Approval(s):
Modified Site Plan (SP#344)
Location: 101 Theall Road, Sheet 146. 13, Block 1, Lot(s) 8
Applicant: Miriam Osborn Memorial Home Assocation
Project Description: Construction 113 additional parking spaces throughout the 56-acre property and modifications to the on-site maintenance area.


1. 101 Theall Road
See Description Above

2. 50 Kirby Lane
Required Approval(s):
Wetland Permit (WP#356)
Location: 50 Kirby Lane, Sheet 146.8, Block 2, Lot(s) 28
Applicant: Walter & Margaret Nelson
Project Description: Construction of a new single-family house within a 100-foot wetland buffer on an undeveloped lot.

3. 1 Ford’s Lane
Required Approval(s):
Wetland Permit (WP#355)
Location: 1 Ford's Lane, Sheet 153. 19, Block 1, Lot(s) 1.1
Applicant: Philip T. Ruegger III
Project Description: Increasing the vertical height of a replacement seawall (under construction) and construction of 220 linear feet
of new wall

4. 1 Boston Post Road
Required Approval(s):
Site Plan (SP#345)
Location: 1 Boston Post Road, Sheet 152.12, Block 1, Lot(s) 12
Applicant: BP North America, Service Station #578
Project Description: Replace existing underground storage tanks, installation of canopy over new dispenser islands and other site improvements.

5. 67 Purchase Street
Required Approval(s):
Site Plan (SP#346)
Location: 67 Purchase Street, Sheet 146.7, Block 1, Lot(s) 46
Applicant: Lucamas Inc
Project Description: Interior demolition and renovation of 2,458 sf space in existing approximately 8,700 sf building , in order to convert former retail use to a restaurant use.

6. 20 Island Drive
Required Approval(s):
Wetland Permit (WP#357)
Location: 20 Island Drive, Sheet 147. 9, Block 1, Lot(s) 18
Applicant: Peter & Gretchen Crowley
Project Description: Construction of pool and patio within 100-foot wetland buffer of Long Island Sound.

7. 190 Stuyvesant Avenue
Required Approval(s):
Wetland Permit(WP#358)
Location: 190 Stuyvesant Ave, Sheet 153.14, Block 1, Lot(s) 41
Applicant: Duncan & Laura Hennes
Project Description: Demolition of the existing house and construction of a new house with only a deck, spa, and a small portion of the house in the wetland buffer.

8. 13 Park Street
Required Approval(s):
Wetland Permit(WP#359)
Location: 13 Park Street, Sheet 14 6.19, Block 1, Lot(s) 37
Applicant: Michael & Kristen Rafa
Project Description: The proposed work includes the rerouting of a sump pump discharge pipe to follow Oakdale Avenue to empty in the stream at the end of the street.

9. Review of Westchester County Development Standards and Design Guidelines and Draft Local Law Am
ending the City’s Storm Water Management Laws.

10. Minutes


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