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$1 Million Rye Lotto Prize Expires Sunday

Ever let a Lotto ticket do thru the laundry? They could be talking about you as far away as Los Angeles and the guy or gal that flushed a cool million.

You may have been a millionairre and will never know.

From ABC:

"RYE, N.Y.– Check your pockets, look under your couch, search your car, claim your million dollar grand prize before it’s too late.

“1-6-7-20-49, Powerball 23″ are the million-dollar numbers from the drawing Aug. 25, 2012, but the owner of the winning ticket still remains a mystery. The ticketholder has until August 25 to step forward or forfeit the money to a prize pool for future winners.

Ralph Alfalahi has put up signs on both entrances of his Playland Market, a Rye deli that sold the winning ticket, to encourage customers to check their tickets and come forward.

“We’ve had a lot of winners for $500 and maybe even a few thousand, but the million dollar ticket, that’s the first time we’ve seen a winner like that,” recounts employee Alex Delgado.

Delgado admits that he thinks about the prize money sometimes. “If nobody comes forth with the winning ticket, I think that the money should come to the store and I’d get a cut,” Delgado says jokingly. “I’d cash the money immediately and pay off my college loans,” he adds."

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