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Rye School District Entrollment Up > 100 Than Expected

Student placement notifications are delayed due to unexpectedly high student enrollment. Rye City schools are now reporting enrollment of 3,316 students, over 100 more than expected.

Dates of notification letters are noted below:

August 29, 2013

Dear Parents:

The District is experiencing tremendous fluctuation of enrollment, particularly at the elementary school level. As a result, student placement decisions cannot be finalized until next week for students in grades 1 through 5.

During the month of August, the District registered over 80 students. This week alone we enrolled 13 new students. Enrollment is up over 100 students from last year's count at this time – bringing our total current enrollment to 3,316 students. This unpredictability in enrollment is even more surprising given the District's demographers anticipated a 3,200 count for the 2013-2014 school year.

We are delaying student placement notifications in order to ensure that we are accommodating all student needs responsibly. We anticipate that letters for grades 1 through 5 students will be mailed on Wednesday, September 4.

Kindergarten placement letters will be mailed today – Thursday, August 29.

Middle School and High School schedules will be mailed on Friday, August 30.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy the Labor Day weekend.

Frank Alvarez

  1. How can school district be shocked ? The massive number of multi-family units thrown up in Rye in last 18 months was all but waving the flag to people who couldn’t afford to buy in Rye ( or simply didn’t want to buy ) would rush here to rent to get their kids into the great Rye system FOR FREE . And this massive influx of renters will produce but a fraction of the tax revenue needed to maintain Rye School standards .

    Great job Rye planners / politicians !

    And for the few fools left in Rye who bought a big house and pay highest property taxes in USA ? Brace yourself for the MASSIVE school tax hike coming to pay for all the renter’s kids .

    Oh , and your added bonus Rye citizens is an extra 75-100 big SUV on the roads for the morning/afternoon pickups .


  2. Imagine if that clown Peter Jovanovich got his wish and sold the old CVS building to a developer friend of his for $2,000,000+ below market value. Supposedly, the developer was going to put in 50-70 new townhouses at this location

    There would have been another 100 kids in our school system with very little additional tax revenue.

    Jovanovich’s sister is on the Rye BAR. Under her watch we have seen numerous empty nester houses sold and torn down and replaced with new 2 family homes with lots and lots of kids.

    How is it Jovanovich and his sister Robin have not been laughed out of Rye yet?

  3. What was Catherine Parker’s view on the 50-70 new townhouses? If I recall, she was mute on that issue, too. Or maybe she heard a big KA-CHING, the sound of 50-70 new customers within walking distance of her store? Separately, I had no idea the Moll-For-Life was actually PJ’s sister. Makes sense.


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