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Home Government Speaking French: Mayor's Update - Floods, Guards, Conflicts & RGC

Speaking French: Mayor’s Update – Floods, Guards, Conflicts & RGC

Here is the next edition of Speaking French, the Mayor's Update.

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City Council Updates by Mayor Douglas French

Beaver Swamp Brook Adjudicatory Hearing

The City has long had concerns about flood impacts from development at the project Homerun site in Harrison at the end of Osborn Road and has sought to better understand the engineering data and assumptions that were made in the planning for the project.  An interim decision was issued from the New York State DEC Commissioner that found that the Administrative Law Judge was proper in finding that the City did not make a valid argument under SEQRA.  However, the arguments under the Environmental Conservation Law were considered viable issues that will proceed to an adjudicatory hearing and the City will be able to review the project assumptions and data.

Rye High School Construction Project

The City reviewed traffic, parking and pedestrian safety issues with the upcoming High School expansion project from our engineering consultant at our last meeting.  Alternate drop offs and traffic patterns around the school as well as additional parking accommodations and crossings will all be a part of the decisions, coordination and communication to the community as we head into the School year.  Most recently, the School District has requested that the City temporarily lift the ban on seasonal parking (May 1st to September 30th) on Apawamis Avenue for the duration of the construction project to allow for the parking of construction workers.  Also, additional parking has been created at the “Snow Field”.

School Crossing Guard Program

The City has long had difficulty in hiring and maintaining a full complement of crossing guards often resulting in other police personnel filling vacant spots – over 200 times annually.  With the recommended increase in crossing guards in this year’s budget and the additional needs with the School expansion project, the City has hired a firm to manage the program under the auspices of the Police Commissioner.  All City Management Services (ACMS) would assume all responsibility for crossing guard services, including recruitment, staffing vacancies, training, background checks, equipment, supervision, and management. ACMS carries its own liability insurance coverage.

Conflict of Interest Policy Changes

The City has asked the Board of Ethics to review its recommended changes to its current Conflict of Interest procedures.  The City has proposed instituting a Conflict of Interest form which would be filed yearly by public officials and select employees within the City.  In addition to changes to the local law to reflect the addition of the Conflict of Interest form, also being reviewed is the updated Oath of Office card for Boards and Commissions, a bid packet conflict of interest form for vendors, a non-collusion statement for bid packet, and a non-collusion statement for purchase orders/claim forms — none of which have ever been part of the City’s policy, but are being incorporated as part of the overall remedies from the Rye Golf Club.

Rye Free Reading Room Bond Funds

The Bond referendum approved by City residents on November 6, 2012 included funding in the amount of $176,000 for capital projects to be completed at the Rye Free Reading Room. The projects include: the installation of sprinklers and a fire alarm system, ADA and flood control improvements. The City has approved an inter-municipal agreement which addresses the receipt and disbursement of these bond funds to the library in accordance with City policies and procedures.

Flood Monitoring and Warning System

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced a call for projects to be funded by the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) to assist local governments. These efforts are aimed at increasing the State’s resiliency, mitigating the risks of loss and damage associated with future disasters, and reducing hardship. The City has submitted the project Blind Brook Stream Gauge Monitoring and Flood Warning System with an estimated project cost of $225,000. If approved, FEMA provides 75% funding of $168,750; the City must provide the 25% match funding in the amount of $56,250.

Rye Golf Club Work Sessions

The City held another public workshop with the Rye Golf Club Commission, the Rye Golf Club Strategic Committee, Club members and the public.  Fundamental to the discussion were two prevailing questions in connection with the Club – should the City be in the restaurant business; and, if so, what is the proper level of governance to run the operation?  A five-point plan was put together last fall to restore public trust after a decade under the former Club Manager:  Tighten up financial policies and procedures; institute tighter conflicts of interest procedures; get the Club up and running for the season and review performance; determine a long-term strategic view for the Club; and, put the proper governance model in place.  Discussions and steps have been taken in each of these areas including the make-up of the Golf Club Commission.  As with other Boards and Commissions, the City is looking to have some oversight by having some seats Mayor-appointed and Council confirmed to supplement the member-selected Commission since the public at-large still holds all liability.


  1. Let’s make this simple. The city of Rye should not be in the restaurant business.

    Over the last few days it appears that it should not be in the pool business either but that’s a small contractual issue that will get smoothed over in no time I certain.

    Rent the castle and all that it contains to a private restaurant/catering firm that can handle running a facility of Whitby’s nature. The members can keep the pool & golf and use the snack bar as their restaurant. End of story. Simple clean and final.

    The city can run the snack bar and charge whatever prices are fair and all will be happy. Dues can be cut dramatically. Whitby’s new management can charge whatever they deem fit to make a profit and pay the rent to the city. Golf outings & swim team events can be held at the pool area if they can’t afford the rates at Whitby. They can then be catered by anyone they wish since it’s on the pool grounds.

    This is the way that it should be. Now draw up the RFP’s and stop stalling! Enough silly committees & drama at these meetings. get the job done and move on to crossing guards & re-surfacing the roads please.

  2. @ Louse,
    “Over the last few days it appears that it should not be in the pool business either but that’s a small contractual issue that will get smoothed over in no time I certain.”
    Had we fired this incompetent poor excuse for a City Manager we wouldn’t need to smooth over such a pathetic blunder that caused such a ruckus that the police had to be called in to restore order.
    We could pretty much accomplish what ever we want if we hire the right people for the right job…it is really not all that difficult.
    Eliminate the corruption, hire real people & lets get down to business!!!

  3. What has happened to Rye? It just gets worse. I remember a time kids from Rye could go to RGC and get a summer job. Many kids worked there. Maybe i am wrong but the club seemed to run fine for decades how dis that all change? The whole system is broken it seems and it goes back to one person.

  4. Need Change – I think Louse is lousy with lies. Am I’m sure he and his itch inducing city manager and city attorney will scratch themselves silly trying to de-bug this detailed chronology of flea brained corruption and incompetence –


    “City Manager Scott Pickup spent a lot of time last winter trying to protect former Rye Golf Club general manager Scott Yandrasevich from being exposed as a massive fraudster. He failed.
    Through his words and deeds, Mr. Pickup himself was found to be so dishonest by the public that they demanded the city council remove him from the RGC investigation. Now he’s running Yandrasevich’s club–far worse than Yandrasevich ever did.”

    See the full new story of loss and lies here –


  5. People keep it simple.

    Give the Pool to Rye Rec with Gary & Chip running their departments. Get Whitby in the hands of a professional caterer/restaurateur like a Cornerstone and reap the rewards. Just don’t handcuff the castle into doing the no-profit events for the schools, post-prom raves, club swim teams, seniors, charities and the like.

    It doesn’t matter if it was Pickup’s fault or not. That regime is on it’s way out.

    But TEDc do you really think that Sack’s idea of hiring a $205,000 a year general manager for RGC is the answer? Good luck with that. Watch as either the dues or the taxes soar to help pay for that city position. I heard you were smarter than the other buffoons blowing the melodramatic horns. The tune is familiar: all hype & no substance, just noise…

  6. Mayor-Elect Sack,

    Bring in an experienced and FULLY VETTED club management company to take the whole operation off the City’s plate and eliminate all the little “fiefdoms” that have been created over the years. Each of the below links are to companies that have extensive experience in golf course operations, resort (pool) operations, and food and beverage…done. You would just have to negotiate their financial arrangement as RGC is probably small by their standards, but then again no one is banging on any ones door to lend, otherwise fund, or construct new resort type facilities since the Goldman Sachs financial crisis
    There are others and it is a shame about what has become of the place when it could be the best facility around with the Castle as a club house and the pool which is unarguably the best of Division I clubs.


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