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Cover the Court with Coins Fundraiser for Kids with Cancer, Saturday 9/28

(PHOTO: the 2012 event.)

Sole Ryeders & Friends’ 2nd annual children’s fundraiser, Cover the Court with Coins, will take place on Saturday September 28th, from 8am-2pm at the Rye Recreation tennis courts.  The event is a challenge to the community to cover an entire tennis court with coins.  This is a Children Helping Children event where all of the coins will be donated in support of hospitalized children, many who are being treated for cancer.  (This event was originally to be held this past May, but had to be postponed due to severe thunderstorms).

The Rye TD Bank Store is the Platinum Sponsor for this event. TD Bank in Rye is giving out coin banks to help children collect their coins. They also will also be on-site at the event to help collect the coins and then count them in their Penny Arcade.

Sole Ryeders’ encourages children to stop by the Rye Recreation Tennis Courts, Midland Avenue, anytime between 8am-2pm and place your coins on the court – or you can drop off their coins and a Sole Ryeders’ volunteer will place them on the court. (If you are unable to attend the event, bring your coins to TD Bank Rye where they will be counted via Penny Arcade).

Sole Ryeders’ volunteers will be available to:
•    Assist younger children in placing their donated coins on the tennis court
•    Help children create get well cards for children undergoing bone marrow transplants at local hospitals
•    Provide on-site baked sale goodies & raffle tickets, which are being organized by Reach Out Rye student volunteers

Coins court


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